Who can participate: School & college students.

Team Size: A team participating in the IILM Sustainability Carnival should not have more than five student members from same school/college.

Broad Categories:

Innovations are invited in two broad categories:

  1.  Responsible innovations for green recovery & sustainability in Technology.

  2. Responsible innovations for green recovery & sustainability in Technology & Design.

Selection criteria:

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Level of mapping to SDGs.

  2. Uniqueness of Concept.

  3. Demonstration of Proof of concept (YES/NO).

  4. Project Feasibility & Market potential.

  5. How innovative, useful and technically sound the project is?

  6. Social & Business relevance of the model/idea.

  7. Originality of design concept.

  8. Display of innovation in process, material and form generation.

  9. Clarity of sustainability alignment.

  10. Effective human-centred design.

  11. Level of Technology amalgamation in Product Design.

Register at:
im.prme2021@iilmcet.ac.in (Follow instruction given in registration form)