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Expert Lectures and Mentoring Sessions

Computational probability and Monte Carlo Method

A series of lectures by Prof. Karmeshu, JNU (Retd.) is regularly organised by the Department of Applied Sciences, IILM CET, Greater Noida. Prof. Karmeshu, presently working in Shiv Nadar University and retired as Professor from JNU, Delhi has the vast experience in the field of Mathematics. The first lecture of this series was organised on Oct 23, 2019 on Uncertainty Modelling.
The second lecture of the series is organised on Feb 27, 2020 on "Computational probability and Monte Carlo Method." He gave a detailed description of Monte Carlo and its basis on random numbers and their generation and its use in finding the area and integration along with an analysis of computational Biology. A comprehensive elucidation of other topics like performance modelling of Communication Networks and Wireless Systems, Statistical modelling of Ultrasound images, Computational Neuroscience and Stoc...   View Detail
Student Interaction Session with Prof. Kehar Singh(IIT DELHI)

Prof. Kehar Singh Delivered a lecture on From Physics to Optical Engineering on 16 November, 2019. He emphasis on Why should engineering students study Optics?...   View Detail
Guest Lecture By Prof. Karmeshu on Uncertainty Modeling

A wonderful lecture was delivered by Prof. Karmeshu on Uncertainty Modeling. He gave a brief account on certain topics like random phenomenon of probability; its real life examples were meticulously explained. He has linked the biology field with the field of mathematics as in the DNA sequencing mathematics is required. It was very informative session for the students of Engineering....   View Detail
Technical Session on "Communication Issues in Mobile Computing" with Prof. H M Gupta on 21st October 2019

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, IILM College of Engineering and Technology organized a Technical session by Prof H.M. Gupta (IIT Delhi) on "Communication issues in Mobile Computing". The talk included a brief description of the history, progression as well as the vision of the advancements in the field of communication. The various challenges and scopes for the budding engineers were discussed in detail. The students were encouraged to cope up with the challenging and ever-changing technology and were given an insight into the areas of research and development in the exciting field of computing....   View Detail
Innate immunity proteins as resistance-free antibiotics

Department of Biotechnology at IILM-CET organised a guest lecture by esteemed scientist Prof. T. P. Singh, distinguished scientist SERB and former head of Department of Biophysics, AIIMS, New Delhi, on 22nd Oct'19. He delivered a talk on the topic "Innate immunity protein as resistance free antibiotics".

He highlighted the significance of (PGRP-S) peptidoglycan recognition protein from camels and guinea pigs as a natural protein antibiotics and their role in enhancing the human innate immunity. He explained the mechanism of action of (PGRP-S) as antibacterial peptide defences.

...   View Detail
Academic Career and Publishing

Prof. Kar (PhD) is Associate Professor of the Information Systems area in DMS, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He has extensive experience in teaching, training, consultancy and research. He has published over 120 high impact articles, 6 books and has over a thousand citations for his research. He is a member of multiple Advisory Committees of Central Government Ministries and Universities....   View Detail
Forthcoming session with Prof Kehar Singh

Prof.Kehar Singh is an Indian optical physicist and an emeritus fellow of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He is a former CLUSTER chair professor at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and a former professor of IIT Delhi. He has also served as an academic visitor at Imperial College of Science and Technology, London....   View Detail

Prof Sunil Pandey is a Welding Fabrication and Manufacturing Scientist & Consultant. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He is the Former Vice Chancellor / Director of Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology (SLIET), Deemed University (CFTI under MHRD), Longowal, District Sangrur, Punjab....   View Detail