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Ways to Overcome the Coding Fear

Some human beings are born to code. Think of Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, Tim Berners-Lee , James Gosling and Bill Gates. They are meant for coding.But for many coders, they are either motivated or forced to learn coding by getting inspiration from Google or face book.

Programming is one of the most demanding practical skills now days and even though people are not using their skill in their professional carrier, but having fundamental knowledge of programming is essential in 21st century.

If one can learn math, science, Italian and French then can lean programming. Coding is just a language which a human can learn and speak to computers and make computer think and work like humans.So, to overcome the terror of coding, it is essential to find the trigger point of the terror. There are some reasons why people are afraid of coding:

  1. Too Complex: people think coding is too difficult to learn and understand is one of the basic reason which frighten them and command line interface looks horrifying at first.
  2. Fear of failure: Beginners think that coding is meant to add failure in their professional carrier which act as seed of negative thoughts and leads to reduce the amount of effort.
  3. People think it’s too expensive to learn programming which is totally a myth.
  4. Too late to learn: Fresher thinks it’s reluctant to grasp coding.

Some methods are described below which may help to shatter the terror of coding are:

  1. Identify Resources: videos, website, booksare one of the best assets which encourage beginners to learn coding and programming in an easier and simpler way.
  2. Start with fundamentals: one should start working with basic fundamentals and build simpler static or dynamic web page with acquired knowledge.
  3. Learn approach to build knowledge applying analogies: Using previous point of reference with acquired knowledge is the easiest way to learn and understand new and complex logical concepts.
  4. Start little: Be confident to start with a small as Google was not built in a day and operating system was not programmed in a week. So begin with a little web pages helps to build up confidence is a way to overcome the terror of programming.
  5. Learn one programming language before moving into another: Focus on learning one programming language firstly. Don’t run after the new framework.Make yourself comfortable with the basic knowledge of the same then only jumped into another language.
  6. Trust the methodologies: don’t rush about the big pictures, trust the methodologies and learn each step in a sequence. Focus on the path and keep your eye fixed on the aim.
  7. Fragmentation of code: Break down the large and complex code into smaller blocks. It helps to learn faster each line of code. This method also helps to work within a team.
  8. Participating in hackathons: it provides a great hope to work on a dream project with latest tools and experienced people in the technological environment and also helped in build up confidence level while securing prizes and gaining experiences.
  9. Attend training: If people have time and money can consider going to training program and attend boot camp which help them to connect with knowledgeable and potential programmers.
  10. Mentoring and being mentored: It helps to crush the fear of coding is to find a mentor, co-interns, a friend who has years of experience and knowledge in the same field and being mentored is equally valuable as it helped to gain more confidence and new challenges in the experience in the coding skills.

At the end of the article, I hope people can overcome the fear of coding by applying above quoted methods in their life to enhance their professional skills. Success depends upon the hard work and willingness to learn.

Ms. Swati Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


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