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Unleashing Coding skills

Coding competitions are a great platform to showcase one’s ability to solve problems using various programming languages. Students who participate in various coding competitions do get the experience of exploring various solutions to real life problems, acquire in depth knowledge of programming languages which enhances confidence levels while appearing in interviews, recognition by various participating industries and research centres in addition to lifelong learning of working in teams, identification of one’s strengths and weakness. To excel in competitions, teams should be cohesive, have in depth knowledge of societal issues, presentation skills in addition to understanding of logic and its implementation, knowledge of underlying computing architectures, grip on programming constructs like memory size that each data type occupies and various data structures –stacks, queues and graphs.

Developing solution to security concerns, demands ability to analyze algorithm’s complexity and various vulnerabilities of the network. These platforms align your coding skill to recruiters expectations. In addition, events like hackathons harness the innovative skill of a coder. Coding repositories like Github and forums like stackoverflow supplement their support to enthusiastic coders. One can start with online platforms like Sphere Online Judge to test your skills and ability compare your code with best coders, gain confidence level and then move onto various other coding competitions platforms like Codechef which categorize participants into beginner, medium and challenge level. Failures are stepping stones of success- the more you participate the more you will be able to gain the knowledge and learn tricks to win the battle in the competitions. There are various competitions organized by institutions like Leetcode, HackerRank, skillenza, Topcoder, HackerEarth, Codechef to name few and get recruited by IT giants like IBM, Adobe, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon and Nvidia.

Be a warrior, keep coding and elevate your coding skills to next level!!!

Dr. Anuradha Konidena

Associate Professor,


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