IILM College of Engineering and Technology

Mathematical Biology: Measuring Life

Mathematical biology aims at the mathematical representation, treatment and modeling of biological processes, using a variety of applied mathematical techniques and tools. It has both theoretical and practical applications in biological, biomedical and biotechnology research. By describing the systems in a quantitative manner, their behavior can be better simulated, and hence properties can be predicted Read more

Career Building Events

Department of Biotechnology is remarkably working at IILM to organize workshops and guest lectures conducted in association with well established organizations and experts in the area helping students in career building. These events are conducted round the year for students introducing them to the ongoing research and career opportunities in the field. They are introduced Read more

Building Researchers in Biotechnology

Make in India campaign had helped India to grow as a manufacturing hub and establish itself as the next global biotech hub opening new opportunities for the coming generations. India is a land of talented and enthusiastic scientific workforce and is putting its efforts in a direction to grow its bioeconomy. Biotechnology as an industry Read more

Why Study Civil Engineering at IILM (CET)

If you wish to study Civil Engineering, it is best to pursue it at a top college.  Department of Civil Engineering, CET IILM boasts to be the one of the institute in Civil Engineering Department having best of the faculties with brand new laboratories. The department is new addition to the IILM, started in 2014-15. Read more


Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms to develop products. It deals with study of microorganisms – MICROBIOLOGY ; study of living cells, biomolecules and their metabolism- BIOCHEMISTRY; study of various techniques like microscopy, electrophoresis, chromatography, etc –  ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES; study of genomes & proteomes- GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY ; study of body Read more

Imparting knowledge from the roots

Biotechnology is the most fascinating and developing technology in this growing world.  The roots of biotechnology came from ancient world and became the most promising field in the science of life. By definition “Biotechnology means any technological application that uses living organisms or their derivatives, to make or modify products or processes for specific use.”Development, Read more