IILM College of Engineering and Technology

Modular Construction and Industry 4.0

The implementation of Industrial Revolution  4.0 within the Construction Industry would drive the industry’s performance to match with their industry counterparts such as the manufacturing and automotive industry. Industry 4.0 has already been in the construction industry and the technologies are on different levels of maturity. Technologies such as BIM, Cloud Computing, and Modularization have Read more

Contemporary Studies of Civil Engineering with Futuristic Technology

Civil engineering is on the way of major transition in upcoming futures due to advancement in technology.  Gone are the days, when this core engineering was focused on smart materials and energy-efficient buildings. But, in recent times, civil engineers are placing more emphasis on computer vision, BIM, virtual reality, sustainability, IoT, and 3D printing technologies Read more


Civil Engineering affects the most of humane around the world. The blog explains the social obligations of the working Civil Engineer. And also what products are created by the industry for the human well being. Civil Engineer plans and oversees safety, economics and comforts of the construction of the infrastructure i.e. roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, Read more

Why Study Civil Engineering at IILM (CET)

If you wish to study Civil Engineering, it is best to pursue it at a top college.  Department of Civil Engineering, CET IILM boasts to be the one of the institute in Civil Engineering Department having best of the faculties with brand new laboratories. The department is new addition to the IILM, started in 2014-15. Read more