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As many a structure and Civil infrastructure are deteriorating in a rapid speed the American Society of Civil Engineers conducted a study of these constructions in the united states. On an A — F scale, It was observed that most of these infrastructure were on D+ rating. A Smartphone-based technology has been developed by the researchers of University of Missouri which monitors Infrastructure systems such roads and bridges. It is estimated that the failure of structural systems could cause 1% drop in the GDP. U.S witnessed a loss of 200 Billion dollars in the year 2017.
Hence arises the need for developing advanced monitoring solutions to face the challenge of aging structures. Sensors such as a gyroscope, an accelerometer and camera, or external sensors such as an infrared sensor are connected with Smartphone by which researchers will be able to determine the performance and deterioration of a structure in real-time.

This sensor is plugged into a smartphone, which will transmit the data to a database while riding on a road. The more the amount of data collected by large number of users the better the clarity and precise will be of health of roads and bridges

Bill Buttlar of of the Glen Barton Chair of Flexible Pavement Technology and Amir Alavi, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering in the MU College of Engineering to developed a innovative solution to monitor roads and bridges.

Professor Amir Alavi, says There have been technical issues in most of the existing monitoring methods. Moreover they are not adequately user friendly.

As we are in a day where people prefer accessible, cost efficient, user friendly, handy and smart devices, with the technological advances using one’s own device the common man will be able to monitor structural health or detect problems

Buttlar says using smartphones to monitor and assess roads and bridges with affordable sensors really works. We are able to correlate and bind together many measurements to assess the surface friction or deterioration of a road accurately. On the project funded by Missouri Department of Transportation we proved that it can assess the condition of airport runways and taxiways accurately.


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