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Rising role of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

With the continuous and rapid rise in the demand for automation, technology has strengthened its hold. Amid a series of breakthroughs, the Manufacturing sector is heavily influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
For instance, in parlance to the recent analysis, it has been seen that data analytics is largely powered by AI which is being applied by manufacturers in areas such as product quality, leads to improvement of efficiency and safety of employees.

Moreover, the maintenance of machinery in manufacturing and other industries is an expensive exercise and unplanned downtimes cost the manufacturers dearly. Therefore, predictive maintenance is the need of the hour. Machine learning and artificial neural network based advanced AI algorithms are being used in predictive maintenance of equipment and machinery. This has resulted in significant reductions in the expensive unplanned downtime.

In the meanwhile, the new era has witnessed as very crucial for companies to maintain a high level of quality in the diverse product line. Also, the quality standards are getting stringent day by day. Here, the AI-based algorithms are being used in manufacturing to predict production abnormalities which can result in reducing the quality of products or processes.

Moreover, In the future, there will be more and more jobs taken by the robots. Therefore human-robot collaboration will reach a more advanced level. AI algorithms will be used to make the robots more autonomous and will be able to handle more cognitive tasks. The robots will be able to process real-time environmental data and to do process optimization.

Moreover, AI algorithms will also be used in product design. The AI algorithm will provide the best set of solutions based on several inputs such as kinds of materials, manufacturing methods, tooling, economics, and time constraints.

This goes into saying that in future, with the rise of dependency on AI, the manufacturing sector will be extremely benefited by it in several domains such as shop floor production, quality, and design. This will help in leveraging the business units with a scale and expand their horizons in terms of presence at the national vis-à-vis global level.

Dr. Shiv Sharma
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
IILM College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida


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