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The Reality of 4G in India

Despite having a 4G network, Indians are still suffering from buffering. The average 4G LTE data speed in India stands at 6.1Mbps, while the global average is 17 Mbps. According to mobile analytics company open signal, 4G download speed in India is slowest across 88 countries spanning six continents. Even if subscribers in countries like Pakistan & Algeria enjoy internet at a speed of 14 Mbps & at 9 Mbps.
According to online speed Tester Ookla India ranked 109th–almost at the bottom in its list of 124 nations.

Ookla spokesman Adriane Blum said another possible reason behind India’s slower mobile internet speeds is the challenge of serving an extremely dense population. Experts also said a country’s 4G speeds also hinge on how much spectrum is devoted to LTE, whether it has adopted new 4G technologies like LTE Advanced, how densely networks are built and congestion levels. “The spectrum per operator in India is low compared to other countries, which affects 4G network speeds,” said Rajan Mathews, director general of the Cellular Operators Association of India.
Some analysts partly ascribed the phenomenon to higher latency levels of Indian telecom companies. Latency is a measure of the delay that users experience when their computers/smartphones try to access internet servers. Lower latency connections typically mean webpages load faster and videos start playing sooner.
Daily concerns like Server down at ATM, getting stuck while making online payments waiting for uploading of the web page.
While most companies are aggressively pitching about 5G, Indian subscribers are still in dilemma that will they get the speed according to global standard or their hard earned money will be looted in the name of 5G. Concerns over poor services & slower speed are a vogue now. It is a big issue as the Indian government is offering many online services. I often listen that people are saying that Think out of the box. I think that first, we should be aware of the dimension of the box. So, let the 4G network can spread successfully throughout India so that we can proudly say that we are in digital India.


Amit Rajput



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