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Private Blog Networks – Reward or Risk

In the era of fast moving technology-driven world, Private Blog Networks (PBNs) comes out as an interesting and meaningful blogging specialist. Every domain holder wishes to appear at the apex of the organic search results at Google. For that matter, simply a huge number of backlinks are needed. The intent is to expand the reach of your website and fetch more and more audience to it.

PBNs are generally created with that of expired domains that had a number of backlinks. Expired domains which once upon a time were taken by its holder are left by them to get expired for whatever reason. Such no longer registered domains can be bought easily for the normal registration fee by anyone and Private Blog is created.

Its primary benefit is backlinks:

Private Blog Network is a shortcut method to get a large volume of already built high-quality backlinks on the expired website without going through the tedious tasks done for link building and therefore leveraging the link equity to your money site.

Secondary – age matters: 

Certainly, there is some value associated with the age of a domain. Old domains are considered more authoritative over any new and fresh domain. This is done to improve your website ranking in google search engines.

From Google – it’s a NO:

In fact, Google never approves such moves, still, people keep searching for Private Blog Network because links are important factors in getting ranked easily. However, it is certainly penalized by Google, if the latter attempted to target any Private Blog Network.

How to get a Private Blog Network performing well without getting penalized by Google:

  1. Keep the content qualitative, real and as natural as it can be.
  2. The frequency of appearance of articles must be good and on a repetitive basis with adequate length, high relevance and rich in media.
  3. The number of the backlink and their location are always asked for your money site. It must not be too high (ideally less than 10) and remain as per requirement with necessary relevance.
  4. With respect to anchor text, it is safer to avoid it. However, it should be always less than 5% to avoid the off page over any optimization penalty.
  5. Destination to the backlinks is needed to be carefully handled. It should be Optimizely kept half at homepage whereas rest half at subpages.

However, finding one quality old expired is a very time consuming and cumbersome journey. Although it is free to find still it is long and a fairly complicated process to dive-in to get one. Along with the continuous fear of being penalized remains there.

Moreover, Private Blog Networks works to get you reduce investments as well as efforts to outreach in mass and gets you quality website rank.

Blog by: Ms. Minakshi Sehrawat, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Management, IILM CET, Greater Noida


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