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Prediction of Computer science and engineering in India 2035

Why computer science and engineering is the first choice branch for every student, let’s find out with a few futuristic approaches.
Introduction: A very drastic change has been counted in recent the history of computer science. Millions of engineer devoted their experience and technical skills for upgrading our’s life stranded.
In 2035 computer science and engineering will mark a spontaneously arrangeable comfort society for human and plant too.

  1. People can make contact with the person on another planet.
  2. The developed society will make a comfortable space on a suitable planet or built an own suitable place on another planet.
  3. The transportation system will be available 24*7 in each and every village with metro connectivity, metro cities will be converted to smart cities and internet connectivity also inbuilt in every domestic product which can be monitored by the small station and himself/herself too.
  4. Flying taxies concept can be monitored by UBER , OLA, etc . Every modern flat design with roof platform for parking of flying taxies.
  5. People will not have time for purchasing, only flying drone carrying product concept will apply.
  6. Children will implant a microchip in a body for identification and 24*7 GPS enabled monitored by registered police stations.
  7. The hospital will be converted in advance equipped machinery and patient will observe when he/she entered through entry point gate on their scanner will check full body and report online to concern doctor, medicine will be delivered through smart medical online services
  8. The only the bit-coin concept will follow for purchasing and selling any product and govern by Google Inc.
  9. Artificial organs developed by the 4D stem –cells and easily replaced by old or damaged organs such as knee replacement, heart replacement, neck replacement and most probably brain transplant.
  10. Humans have some kind of ID (monitored by a chip which implant in the human body) for identification rather than name.
  11. Human will understand an animal’s voice through voice translator converter.

This is the perfection coordination between software engineer and nature.

So conclusion about this futuristic approach computer science and engineering is the branch in which human can be God and recreate its nature for a living.

Dr.Amit Asthana
Associate Professor (CSE, IILM CET)


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