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How to Make Mathematics Easier and Interesting for Engineering Students?

Mathematics begins when the numbers are put between the equations and at the same time begins the general feeling of disliking among engineering scholars. But the truth is that without mathematics, engineering studies are not possible. Therefore, a prominent engineer should have the acquaintance of not only experiential mathematics but also the conceptual understanding of mathematics.

If the students will have no idea on what the original practical problems actually mean, how can they be expected to recognize the abstractions of those problems (using the formulas)?

Why there is such lack of common understanding in mathematics?

The foremost reason is that in today’s techno-driven scenario, students pay out less time playing outdoors than they used to, in earlier times, hence they develop the poor understanding to the concepts like velocity, acceleration, gears on a bike, and generally how things around them work. So, when we say “Imagine …” students often find it quite hard to visualize what the person is talking about because of their lack of material experience with that concept.
We all know that mathematics is indispensable for the engineering community. The best way to study mathematics is to understand it as a language by describing its physical and chemical laws.

Ways to learn Mathematics-

Many populaces believe that the finest approach to study mathematics is to learn it through- songs, games, narratives or playing etc. but it is not true. Mathematics learning requires orderly tutoring and continuous practice. Another way of saying is- ‘learning by doing’ which is the finest tactics to understand, recognize, learn and master mathematics.

Engineering students should involve themselves in dealing with the practical engineering problems so as to make themselves acquaint and related to their upcoming profession. In the meanwhile, the curriculum should be designed in such a way that the students develop problem-solving, communication and team working skills along with acquiring mathematical knowledge.

To make this subject interesting a teacher should adopt new pedagogies which should build the student’s involvement and interactions in the classroom. The batch can be divided into a few smaller groups and they can be made involved in the task for solving practical engineering problems jointly. In every group, each student should be responsible for the particular task assign to him but must work collectively in the group in order to complete the task.

For the vast majority of students (who will not eventually become mathematicians), it’s more important that they understand the concepts and the process to be used when confronted with different real-world problems. They then should learn how to use computer algebra systems or graphics and even more.

Every student carries the capability and interest to learn meaningful mathematics. This way learning enriches their current knowledge, intellectual and social experiences and also lays the foundation for their later phase of learning.

Dr. Rakhi Trivedi (Associate Professor)
Department of Applied Sciences
IILMCET, Greater Noida


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