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Make Career in Biotech Industry

Department of Biotechnology conducts workshop to introduce students to various opportunities in this field. The workshop introduces students to various industries in this field where they can make career in future. The academic session started with workshop in the field of IPR. The workshop was conducted on the theme of Intellectual Property Rights and the career opportunities in this field taken by Mrs. Chestha Sharma, co founder, IIPTA, Delhi. The workshop was organized in association with IIPTA – Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Research and Education Private Limited .Everyday industries are developing new molecules and processes and products which need to be patented. IPR has become a major thrust area in these organizations. Based on present scenario and opportunities in intellectual property industry, Mrs. Chestha Sharma took this workshop.

The second workshop was on Natural Product Research, conducted by Mr. Mayank Bharadwaj, CEO & Dr. Vinod, R &D Head, Rapture Biotech Ltd. Mr. Mayank Bhardwaj, CEO of Rapture Biotech started the session with a brief idea of bioentrepreneurship and booming opportunities for biotechnology students in various segments of industries, starting from R& D labs to CRO, KPO, pharmacy till establishing their own enterprise. He focused on significance of Natural Products and their applications. After the theoretical session, Dr. Vinod, R&D Head, Rapture, demonstrated the isolation and screening strategies of secondary metabolites from herbal extracts and plant products along with assessment of antimicrobial activity of these secondary metabolites. He gave important tips on data interpretation and data representation related to extraction & analysis of primary and secondary metabolites present in natural products. The purpose of this workshop is to create awareness and provide hands-on training to students of Biological Sciences in Natural product research and Management aspects in Biotech, so that they are able to meet the challenges for competitive Biotechnology job sector. Workshop introduced students to plant secondary metabolite qualitative testing, antibacterial activity, quantitative analysis and preparation of standard graph, management aspects in biotech comprises of science management and communications, biotech entrepreneurship.

Workshop on Key aspects of Environmental Engineering was next that was conducted by Mr. Dhananjay Kumar Gupt, Royal Haskoning DHV .The workshop was conducted by our alumnus, Mr. Dhananjay Kumar Gupt (B.Tech, Biotechnology,2005-2009) who is currently working as JE at Royal Haskoning DHV (Netherland based MNC). Prior to working in Royal HaskoningDHV, He talked about waste water management and solid waste treatment. During the workshop, he emphasized on types of pollution, pollutants and their impact on tangible as well as intangible environment. He covered the significant strategies of applying Sequential Batch reactors (SBR), Integrated ISBR, C-tech SBR , membrane bioreactor, soil biotechnology, Nereda and FCR (Food chain Reactor) in sewage treatment. He highlighted the key strategies to mitigate pollutants and solid waste management. Mr. Dhananjay gave a live demonstration on the functioning of sewage treatment plant installed at campus.

Pharmacovigilance and clinical trials was another workshop conducted by team from IBRI, Noida. Dr. Suhasini Bhatnagar’s talk covered the basics of clinical trials, types of clinical trials, importance of Pharmacovigilance to monitor various types of adverse drug reactions (ADR) and Regulatory affairs in Pharmaceutical industries. She provided insights on market trends in area of clinical research along with emphasis on effective record maintenance for good quality clinical database management. Dr. Abhinav (Founder of IBRI) focused on existing job opportunities and challenges in this domain. He talked about critical pharmacovigilance processes and business continuity for effective monitoring of clinical trials. He substantiated the importance of certification courses in this area. This workshop has broadened the thinking horizons of Biotechnology students to think about the profiles of clinical research associates and clinical research coordinators with respect to placements.

DNA isolation, PCR amplification and Stem cell in Cancer Research was workshop conducted by team of Helix Biogenesis. The purpose of the workshop was to bring hand on experience on molecular techniques like PCR, agarose gel electrophoresis and genomic DNA isolation, stem cells and their application in diagnostic and therapeutic. Dr. Ravindra Kumar and Dr. Rashmi Bharadwaj talked about stem cells, use of embryonic stem cells lines and challenges faced in embryonic stem cell research. The second session was conducted in lab where students got hand on exposure on molecular techniques basically genomic DNA isolation from bacterial culture followed by analysis of extracted genomic DNA by agarose gel electrophoresis. In the other part of this session they performed DNA amplification by Polymerase Chain Reaction followed by electrophoresis to check the amplification. The workshops helped students to develop clear insight on molecular techniques.



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