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Make the best of your college days

College is the most cherished time of everyone’s life. The time where you will learn, understand, explore, enjoy, and make memories. In your college days, you will be in the learning phase of your life where you will decide about your career and future. How to explore opportunities and work on all the possibilities to achieve your goals will be your aim as a student. Student life is full of changes and challenges. As a student, you need to choose what is right for you, how to manage your time and how to prepare yourself to achieve your goal. Starting from choosing the right college for you until choosing the right career is a long journey that needs to be traveled with full dedication and determination.

Talking about college brings jitters if you are a school going, student. Thinking about college life for such school kids will be both exciting and stressful. They should keep in mind that this time of college days is something which they need to work on with their full efforts, intellect, hard work but at the same time, they will enjoy the time, will explore opportunities in all the possible fields and will develop into a great person. A student will learn a lot in his or her college days but it is not only about the curriculum, studies, and placements.

Besides classroom teaching and laboratory classes, learning in college includes attending conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, guest lectures, educational trips, and participating in different competitions at college and inter-college levels. Building your personality and developing good communication skills with the right attitude and positivity should be the aim of every student from the first day of their college life.

Success needs dedication and you need to be disciplined in your life and at your college following the rules and regulations, attending regular classes, listening to your professors, completing your assignments & exams and keep putting best of your efforts. Confidence and perseverance will make you focused on your goal in life. Besides exploring the different learning mediums, the college provides opportunities where you can showcase your talent in different cocurricular and extracurricular activities including events conducted in fields like science, technology, innovation, and events in the field of cultural, literary, sports, etc.

College life will train you on how to handle challenges and deal with the most unpredictable situations. It will make you experience both happiness and hardships. You will learn to work as a team and will develop skills for life. And yes college life will bring you to meet people of different natures and attitudes and also you will have mentors and friends who will add something to your personality. Choosing the right and staying positive should be your life long mantra. Thus, a student’s aim at college should be to collect knowledge, enjoy every moment, and explore all the possible opportunities that will make you reach your goals, decide your career and make you successful in life.

Dr. Roma Chandra
Deptt. Of Biotechnology


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