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Lucrative Career Options after B. Tech Computer Science

B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is being one of the best choices not only in India but also around the world. During the four years, undergraduates will be made conversant with software and hardware by studying subjects like operating system, computer networks, digital image processing, database management systems, cloud computing, Internet of Things, Mathematics and cryptography and network security in addition to programming languages. Projects make thorough understanding and showcase of skills acquired during their course of study. Even novice student who has no knowledge about programming will be able to understand, design and develop sustainable solutions to the societal problems.

There are numerous career options that a Computer Science and Engineering graduate can look into such as Data Analyst, Software developer, Networking Engineer, Database Administrator, Testing Engineer, Game Developer, Information security specialist, to name a few.

Software Developer


As a Software developer graduate should have apt for quick learning, knowledge about fundamentals, awareness about current affairs and a good understanding of any of the programming languages like C, Java, PHP, Swift, C#, Javascript etc.

Many organizations have shifted their operations through the website, which provides a unique platform to communicate with users/clients. So, each company requires a web developer whose job is to design and develop a collection of attractive, easy to use web-pages. In order to best in the Information Technology industry, the graduate should be able to build a website using HTML/CSS/Dreamweaver/Javascript/PHP/JQUERY etc.

Lucrative-Career-Options-after-B.-Tech-Computer-Science_2Game Developer: One of the most trending Career options is a game developer who works in coordination with game designers, animation team, audio-video team, and computer graphic artists. Many mobile phone companies, the entertainment industry, an advertisement industry looks forward to these profiles. Unity, Quest, Twine, stencil are some of the essential software being used to design and develop games.

App developer:
An application (app) is a customized software (collection of programs) which performs a specific function and works on mobile devices like phones or tablets etc. Scholars who have a good understanding of user requirement and knowledge of programming languages, designing of user interfaces can excel in app development

Data Analyst:


Data is raw collection facts. The role of a data analyst is to make it into information from where inferences can be drawn which further can be used in decision making. The graduate should have knowledge of tools like R, Python, SPSS, Advanced Excel and capabilities like collecting, processing and communicating data becomes a good analyst of data. In the world of digitization huge of amount of data is being generated by sensors, mobile devices, satellites, to name a few, which in turn generates a lot of demand for data analysts.

Database Administrator:


Data is a wealth of every personnel/organization. Responsibility of database administrator is looking into various administrative aspects of data like assigning various access controls among various users of data, estimation, and execution of appropriate data storage, implementation of data recovery to ensure availability of data even in case accidental losses, update database permissions as and when required using strong technical and inter-personnel communication skills.

Software Testing Engineer:


In order to ensure the quality of the software, every organization gets the software checked by a team of engineers whose job is to examine whether the software meets user requirements or not. Knowledge about basic constructs of programming language helps software testing engineer to ease of understanding functionality of coding done by the developer and excel in writing test cases. Thorough knowledge in either of selenium/Jmeter/IBM Rational Functional tester/IBM Performance tester, to name a few, is essential to excel in this career.

Information security specialist:


The job of information security specialist to envisage vulnerabilities to the security of the information and take corrective measures, in case of its breach.To be a good specialist of information security in addition to knowledge of programming languages like PH, JAVA, C, C++ one should have knowledge of networking concepts and thorough knowledge of various operating systems like WINDOWS, Linux, Unix etc.

Networking Engineer:


Networking of facilitates the transfer of information from one device to another device. CCNA certifications will give enough theoretical and practical knowledge in establishing networking based on the requirement of the organization.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them” …………Isaac Asimov

Dr. Anuradha Konidena
Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering
IILM Engineering College, Greater Noida


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