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Internet of Things: Gateway to galore of opportunities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a governing factor of the digital revolution that will empower organizations to reassess their services and products, internal activities and plans of action. Internet of things started ruling our lives at different levels starting from an individual to city level: smart assistants, smart parking, smart phones, smart cities to name few. Limited computational capabilities of the internet of things is being supported by various service provided by the cloud computing framework.

Most of the industries namely manufacturing, transportation, energy, healthcare shifted to this paradigm. This has made the business tasks easier and let there be an early execution, hence saving a lot of energy as well as time. Since the jobs of routine nature are taken care of by these technologies, the managers are left to focus more and more on unplanned and unstructured nature of work. This has resorted to rising demand for IoT based work models in the Industry. The number of connected things in use will go up to 25 billion by 2021, from 14.2 billion in 2019. This exponential growth of connectivity is generating lots and lots of data by various sensors. It is in-turn leading to an infinite number of opportunities in the domain of data sciences, data analytics, big data.

Career Prospects-

Computer Science Engineers and IT professionals have a no-lookback when it comes to getting a lucrative career option. Being an emerging field- Multi-National Companies and start-ups are working with different aspects of IoT as well as it’s cutting-edge technology leading to high in demand of IoT developer, IoT H/W board designer, Data analyst, IoT S/W engineer, IoT Application developer, IoT – Testing engineer, Firmware developer, Product engineer, Product designer, IoT Business Designer, Full Stack Developer, subject matter experts, etc. IoT professionals in India receive more salary than any other IT professionals. The package of  IoT professionals in India is approximately  Rs 15.2 lakh which is double the salary received per annum by any other  IT professional.

To become professional in IoT application developer one should be having sound knowledge of Programming languages like Java, C, Python, Javascript, PHP,C++,Node.js, had worked with  Linux Operating system. With seamless connectivity of sensory devices over public networks, security of confidential data is a major issue of concern. Migration of more and more business to IoT paradigm posing challenges pertaining to scalability, interoperability, maintenance also.  In addition to the opportunities in industry, IoT opens opportunities for those who are enthusiastic about research and innovation. To choose the career direction as Computer Science Engineer and being a part of this revolutionizing technology would certainly bear fruit in long run.

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