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Inculcating Environmental Sustainability – Inspiring Minds when They are still ‘YOUNG’

Inculcating Environmental Sustainability – Inspiring Minds when They are still ‘YOUNG’
Inventiveness Inspired by Nature!!

Ecologically sustainable society is need of the hour, for people of today and tomorrow. A Chinese Proverb so rightly says “If you are thinking a year ahead, plant a Seed, if you are thinking a decade ahead – plant a Tree and if you are thinking a century ahead – EDUCATE!!!”. 

In order to increase the likelihood of rejuvenating ‘Mother Earth’ for us & our future generations, all and sundry need to get appropriately ‘Educated & Involved’ towards inclusive contribution.

IILM Engineering is proud to work on a vision of developing it as an environmentally sustainable ‘GREEN CAMPUS’.

IILM Engineering Green Campus vision augers well with the cores of ongoing Swachh Bharat Mission, complemented with national level campaigns by Government of India on National Air Quality, Water Conservation and Renewable Energy, for achieving the much needed ‘Environmental Sustainability’.

The ‘IILM Engineering Green Campus Vision’ is being conceptualized through collective campus upliftment projects including – research, – education, – support and student initidatives with a focus on the burning environmental issues.
These short-term Interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary projects involve faculty as well support staff (this may be different for the student initiatives) with a new concept of “Participated Campus Upbringing”.


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