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Green Infrastructure and smart concepts sparkled civil engineering

In this rapid era of Urbanization, cities and its citizens should consider its urban environment as an asset and contribute towards the sustainability of cities. For the further few decades, the risk of extreme events as with increasing urbanization are climate change, management of solid waste, production of electricity with renewable sources become very challenging for the civil engineering community.
Hence, Civil Engineering with ecological balance helps to enhance the beauty of the ecosystem with new innovative engineering goals. It is additionally an important also like all things considered without structural engineers we would not have streets, dams, structures, and scaffolds. It is a standout amongst the most fascinating and generously compensated vocation ways a youngster can pick and therefore, structural designing considerate the most popular disciplines for engineering students.

So, as a result, civil Engineering program in IILM puts a focus on smart and sustainable infrastructure, with specialized training in practical labs as well as with an industrial visit to enhance the growth of graduates in industries at the local, national and global community.

Ms. Shraddha Sharma
Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering Department
IILM College of Engineering & Technology
Greater Noida


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