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In its zest to develop products which will be boon to societal and ecological development, Mr Honey Saini, final year student of Automobile Engineering has undertaken a project of designing and developing an all-electric motorcycle. The aim of this project is to develop an absolute zero emission motorbike for daily commuting.

The motor cycle shall be having following technologies:

► Electronically Controlled motor
► Li-ion Battery
► Active Battery Management system
► Regenerative Braking
► E-ABS (Electronic Antilock Braking System)
► Active Monitoring System

The methodology to be used during design and development of motorcycle is discussed in succeeding paras.

DESIGN-AND-DEVELOPMENT-AN-ALL-ELECTRIC-MOTORCYCLE_1Frame & Body Panel. The frame and body panel will be designed using solid works. The Finite Element Analysis shall be carried out to ensure its stability and strength. The material to be used for frame will be MS and glass fibre for body panels. The frame for battery will be reinforced glass fibre.

Motor & its Controllers.  The motor & its controllers will be customised for designed traction for motor cycle.

DESIGN-AND-DEVELOPMENT-AN-ALL-ELECTRIC-MOTORCYCLE_2Shock Absorbers.  The front & rear shock absorbers will again be customised as per the design.

  The battery is the most critical part of design. The battery technology is constantly evolving. The design shall have lithium-ion battery due to its inherent advantages of higher specific energy and power. The battery will be customised for its range and power.


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