IILM College of Engineering and Technology


        Health is one of the sectors that has the most to gain from technological development. IoT helps in reducing the risk of infecting health professionals   and saves protection material on routine basis. In the present circumstances numerous IoT applications helped in identifying, testing and curing the COVID 19 infected population where Read more

Make the best of your college days

College is the most cherished time of everyone’s life. The time where you will learn, understand, explore, enjoy, and make memories. In your college days, you will be in the learning phase of your life where you will decide about your career and future. How to explore opportunities and work on all the possibilities to Read more

Shifting Towards Online Teaching

Rising the complexities in each sector of administration and governance, India has seen a lot of unwanted holidays including pollution break, Ayodhya verdict, CAA, COVID 19 break and many other cases. This has largely affected the routine functioning of schools and colleges across either whole or some parts of the country. In the light of Read more

English for Non-native speakers in a Multilingual Context: Generating Edge for the Ones on the Edge

In a country like India where hundreds of languages and their varieties exist along with other impactful processes, the task of empowering the student/campus youth with knowledge of English as a foreign or second language becomes severely challenging and daunting. Moreover, the lack of formation, implementation, and evaluation of a cohesive, consistent and long-run educational Read more

Stress Management in Students Life

Stress is a common thing challenging mental health of youth at present. It not just worries the students but also to their parents. A depressed child a home disheartens the parent too. Parents usually say- mental stress was not an issue at the time while we were young. Our economic and socio-cultural environment has been Read more

4D Printing: Future Technology of Smart Materials

In the amazing world of technology, there is always a new trending topic. 4D printing (Figure 1) is the new hot topic. 4 Dimensional Printing Technology is the advancement of 3D printing technique. It revolutionizes the additive manufacturing technology with the help of smart materials. In 4D printing technique material changes their shape after post Read more

Remote Sensing: Widening the Horizon

Earth’s awareness is a basis for sustainable societies, prosperity, and security. The reliable, detailed and comprehensive information of Earth’s dynamic environment is required for urban planning, disaster management, precise agriculture, climate treaty verification, effective navigation of airlines and ships, and access to natural resources. In addition to the basic predictions of weather, this information has Read more

‘Electric Bike’ Project of IILM Student won the First Prize of Rs. 1 Lakh by State Government

With the announcement of the name of Mr. Honey Saini, B. Tech student from the Automobile Engineering, IILM College of Engineering; the hall went cheering with clapping of hands for long. As an inspirational figure for many, he won the first prize of Rs 1 lac at final review of the project by UP State Read more

Futuristic Scope of Civil Engineering in 2020s

In the current decade, Demonetization, RERA, and GST behaved like a Tsunami in the construction industry, and due to this, the market has changed very dramatically, that desperate the core sectors like Civil Engineering.  Loss of jobs, unavailability of labor, less new project launches, unable to complete projects, unavailability of funds with the companies, etc. Read more


Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. The laboratory is inseparable from engineering as former is the particular face where something is artfully designed. A laboratory is a place where students perform in action whatever they study in class. Students sense a Read more