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Relevance of Mathematics in Engineering

The most important areas of Mathematics in Engineering are trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, statistics, and geometry. Engineering being a science wherein the forces of nature are converted for the utility of mankind. For the students of Engineering, Mathematics is a discipline which they cannot refrain from. Mathematicsis an integral part of engineering which helps us Read more


Have you at any point strolled along a road where the streetlights lit up just in the territory around you? These streetlights are being introduced in numerous urban communities nowadays, so soon you will have this experience, on the off chance that you have not as of now. A standout amongst the best instances of Read more


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a suitable name to portray the advancements that construct 3D solid models by adding materials layer by layer to form the object as similar as it is predefined with the help of 3D CAD software. This technique doesn’t require any specific materials even plastic, metal, concrete or one-day human tissue can Read more


In its zest to develop products which will be boon to societal and ecological development, Mr Honey Saini, final year student of Automobile Engineering has undertaken a project of designing and developing an all-electric motorcycle. The aim of this project is to develop an absolute zero emission motorbike for daily commuting. The motor cycle shall Read more

Thermoelectric Cooler : A new horizon in Mechanical and Electronics Engineering

The Thermoelectric (TEC) innovation was first found by a French physicist named Jean Peltier that is why it is also known as a pettier cooler. The main principle behind Peltier effect is that when current is allowed to pass through the circuit of various conductors, heat is either retained or discharged at the conductor’s intersections Read more

Our experiment with Automatic Tyre Inflation System

Automatic (self) Tyre Inflation System is designed by Mechanical students to maintain a recommended level of pressure inside the tires by sensing even a small reduction in pressure. For sensing a reduction in pressure level a pressure transducer is installed that measure pressure inside the tires and send a feedback signal to control circuit. Purpose Read more

Electromagnetic Stir Casting: An Approach to Produce Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite (MMC)

(Figure: Experimental Setup) A metal matrix composite is a composite material that constitutes one metal and other different metal or another material like ceramic or organic compound. When at least three materials are present it constitutes hybrid MMC. The use of composite increases day by day in defense, automobile, aviation, aerospace industry. Now a day’s Read more

IILM Student’s Canvas of Imagination at ‘Innovation Budge’

IILM Engineering encourages and supports students to showcase & nurture their creativity and innovative skills. To motivate them further in this direction, students with creativity and zeal for innovation got registered for National Project Competition 2018 – ‘Innovation Budge’ at Sharda University, Greater Noida. The event included various new innovative, smart ideas including solid waste Read more

90 Degree Steering Mechanism

IILM students have excellently demonstrated their dexterity, this time in building a 90-degree wheel steering mechanism to give a twist and turn to your journey. Let’s know more and get inspired – Its Working Principle This project works on the principle that the two alternate diagonal wheels i.e. the front left and back right will Read more

Mechanical Engineering is Complete Engineering

Mechanical Engineering department of IILM was set up with the intent to impart quality education and to equip young people with knowledge and skills that would enable them to make a meaningful contribution to an economy that has to face the challenges of global competition. The Institute ranks among the top 10 private engineering colleges Read more