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Why should one choose Integrated MBA over a regular one?

Students now a day seems to be more interested in making early career choices. The reason is the growing role of specialization and competitions in the current era. The lucrative future prospects for the technical professionals have turned the students to look for the courses wherein they can enroll in early days and hence, come Read more

Ways to improve employability skills in Management Graduates

Irrespective of few top business schools like the IIMs, most B-schools in the country are producing sub-par graduates who are mostly unemployed or earning less than Rs 10,000 a month in a job. The question is what makes a graduate employable in a management or business role in a company and what skills these graduates Read more

Being Ethical – Not an Option but A Compulsion

Ethics as a subject is taught at almost all levels of education that one goes through—be at home, school, college or postgraduate curriculum. Though ethical considerations in case studies are used as an educational tool in Management Curriculum, yet we find that in the race for business profits in the highly competitive business environment, ethics Read more

Earn More, Save More and Spend More

What every individual needs to learn about money management “Earn More, Save More and Spend More” is a simple three step process to be followed in order. The order is very important here. First earn, then save and then spend whatever is left. And if you really want to spend more then you need to Read more

Private Blog Networks – Reward or Risk

In the era of fast moving technology-driven world, Private Blog Networks (PBNs) comes out as an interesting and meaningful blogging specialist. Every domain holder wishes to appear at the apex of the organic search results at Google. For that matter, simply a huge number of backlinks are needed. The intent is to expand the reach Read more