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        Health is one of the sectors that has the most to gain from technological development. IoT helps in reducing the risk of infecting health professionals   and saves protection material on routine basis. In the present circumstances numerous IoT applications helped in identifying, testing and curing the COVID 19 infected population where Read more

Advances in Solar Cell Technology

Scientists have long searched for approaches to improve the proficiency and cost-adequacy of sun based cells – the existence blood of sun powered PV frameworks. A sun powered PV cluster is involved hundreds, some of the time a great many sun oriented cells that exclusively convert brilliant daylight into electrical flows. The normal sun oriented Read more

Innovation in MEMS thrives to decode Neurotechnology

Micro-Electromechanical systems (MEMS) field was first proposed by famous physicists, Richard Feynman in 1959 in his seminal paper ‘There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom’. With the rapid strides of innovation taking place in an effort to make smaller, efficient and more compact electronic devices/IoT gadgets, scientists and researchers have started getting attracted to neuron Read more

Innovative Antenna Technology for Modern Wireless Communication System

Today’s world is the world of wireless communication and antennas play a major role to make this world wireless, by using high frequency and diversity antennas goal of maximum coverage and capacity has been accomplished. If we compare with the latest communication system with conventional communication system then we find in the conventional system has Read more

Recent Advancements in Microprocessor Designing

Many things are done since the last  few decades in the market of the microprocessor. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the recent advancements in designing of the microprocessors. 1)64-BIT MICROPROCESSORS AND THE CONSUMER MARKET In the early years of  2000s AMD introduces its first 64 bit  CPU.  Generally Intel is Read more


In today’s world, it will not be wrong to say that “DATA IS THE NEW OIL.” One who has the information holds the key to everything. Countries today play their diplomatic games based on the information they possess. Business runs on the prediction of the future demands which are obtained by analyzing the huge database Read more

Electronic Engineer’s SCOPE in India

The extent of hardware is expanding step by step in India. India is a creating nation, so the hardware is assumed an indispensable job in nation development. Under the aegis of start-up India… a large portion of the new businesses are opened in the field of gadgets, and it will take around 2-3 years to Read more

Why refocusing on Electronic Warfare critical for current scenarios?

The world is today gearing towards tighter integration of digital technology into modern life, for instance ‘Digital India’ initiative to empower the society digitally and improve the knowledge economy. This has led to widespread boom in the electronics and communication sector where increased convergence of cyber, electronic and optical technologies is witnessed. Global telecom ecosystem Read more

Aerial Base Stations: The future of 5G and beyond Cellular Systems in India !! Part II

Matt Richtel in his article on ‘Inauguration crowd will test Cellphone Networks’ in The New York Times, endorsed on the novel concept of Verizon Wireless for deploying the cells on wheels (COWs) and cells on light trucks (COLTs). The main idea of such a mobile deployment was to serve a huge crowd gathering at the Read more

Why Cognitive radio will be lifebloodfor future 5G wireless systems?

The attention of telecom operators and companies have finally shifted towards 4G wireless systems to provide broadband mobile services to widespread users any time, any place and anywhere. However, surge in mobile traffic and demand for more sophisticated broadband mobile services has attracted the attention of think-tanks and major telecom industry players towards tighter integration Read more