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Smart Transportation helps in achieving sustainability

Smart transportation is one of the principle ways brilliant urban communities are improving the everyday lives of residents and improving maintainability. It incorporates: Smart transportation is one of the principle ways brilliant urban communities are improving the everyday lives of residents and improving maintainability. It incorporates: Data frameworks that gather information about traffic vehicles and Read more

Modular Construction and Industry 4.0

The implementation of Industrial Revolution  4.0 within the Construction Industry would drive the industry’s performance to match with their industry counterparts such as the manufacturing and automotive industry. Industry 4.0 has already been in the construction industry and the technologies are on different levels of maturity. Technologies such as BIM, Cloud Computing, and Modularization have Read more

Thermo Concrete: An Environmentally Intelligent Building Material

The thermoconcrete is a reinforced concrete panel element made of sheets of welded steel wire mesh with a core filled by insulated expanded polysterene sheets and concrete and plastered on the surface. A galvanized steel wires are inserted through the EPS panels through the Polystyrene core with some offset and inclination for better strength and Read more

How to keep roads Future evident?

The modern world is on the very edge of a vehicle transformation, and with advancement comes another arrangement of difficulties. Since the 1800s, the chief command for structural designers and street specialists has only been to create longer-enduring, increasingly tough surfaces. New advances, for example, vehicle mechanization and smart infrastructure can possibly improve wellbeing, decrease Read more


As many a structure and Civil infrastructure are deteriorating in a rapid speed the American Society of Civil Engineers conducted a study of these constructions in the united states. On an A — F scale, It was observed that most of these infrastructure were on D+ rating. A Smartphone-based technology has been developed by the Read more

Contemporary Studies of Civil Engineering with Futuristic Technology

Civil engineering is on the way of major transition in upcoming futures due to advancement in technology.  Gone are the days, when this core engineering was focused on smart materials and energy-efficient buildings. But, in recent times, civil engineers are placing more emphasis on computer vision, BIM, virtual reality, sustainability, IoT, and 3D printing technologies Read more

Green Infrastructure and smart concepts sparkled civil engineering

In this rapid era of Urbanization, cities and its citizens should consider its urban environment as an asset and contribute towards the sustainability of cities. For the further few decades, the risk of extreme events as with increasing urbanization are climate change, management of solid waste, production of electricity with renewable sources become very challenging Read more

Light Pollution: Why a Future Challenge?

Light pollution occurs due to the excessive use of light. Within the whole world, caused by several factors like daylight lighting, light is heavily demanded by citizens to reduce crime or by shop owners to attract customers or to explore the night life options or many more. Like indirect lighting techniques, such as illuminating a Read more

An off-grid Smart Thinking- Smart Village

Village are the basic unit of human dwelling. It is the symbol of primary settlement of communities. Promoting the new thinking as a catalyst to development, global communities are appreciating the concept of Smart Village worldwide. With enabling provision for basic amenities like- water, energy, sanitation, nutrition, education, clean and green sustainable solutions, enhanced security, Read more

IILM Student’s Canvas of Imagination at ‘Innovation Budge’

IILM Engineering encourages and supports students to showcase & nurture their creativity and innovative skills. To motivate them further in this direction, students with creativity and zeal for innovation got registered for National Project Competition 2018 – ‘Innovation Budge’ at Sharda University, Greater Noida. The event included various new innovative, smart ideas including solid waste Read more