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Robotics and its applications

The term applies robotics is an interdisciplinary part of structuring, advancement, and science that fuses mechanical structure, electrical structure, programming building, equipment planning and others. Apply independence deals with the layout, advancement, action, generation, and use of robots, and also PC structures for their control, sensor input unit, and information arranged. These advancements are used Read more

Hydro Car: A Futuristic Approach towards Sustainability

Oil reserves are depleting fast. They are unable to meet the fuel demand of future generations. Apart from being non-renewable, they also harm environment due to being polluting, noisy and undeniably dirty. Renewable fuel options can only provide the answer to energy needs for tomorrow, Hydrogen Fuel is one of them where the only exhaust Read more


Nowadays, automotive vehicles have a great challenge of having efficiency due to accurate injection timing. So researchers are going to develop the sensors so as to deliver reliable measurement of injection timing. These sensors are a type of piezoelectric material which has the property to convert mechanical stress into electric charge in proportion. The cylindrical Read more


In its zest to develop products which will be boon to societal and ecological development, Mr Honey Saini, final year student of Automobile Engineering has undertaken a project of designing and developing an all-electric motorcycle. The aim of this project is to develop an absolute zero emission motorbike for daily commuting. The motor cycle shall Read more

Motor Technology – The ‘Center’ of an Electric Vehicle Efficiency

In the energy starving world, demand of energy is continuously raising, of-course not parallel to its supply. This issue become more significant when traditional sources of energy are continuously depleting and people are rushing to resort the renewable energy sources. Electricity is one of the chief renewable energy sources. In the meanwhile, rising prices of Read more

Electromagnetic Stir Casting: An Approach to Produce Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite (MMC)

(Figure: Experimental Setup) A metal matrix composite is a composite material that constitutes one metal and other different metal or another material like ceramic or organic compound. When at least three materials are present it constitutes hybrid MMC. The use of composite increases day by day in defense, automobile, aviation, aerospace industry. Now a day’s Read more

Challenges and Opportunities in lithium-ion battery technologies for electric vehicles

The automotive industry’s quest to limit its impact on the environment and transform automotive mobility into a sustainable mode of transportation continues at high intensity, despite the current economic crisis. The major issue which is still haunting the electric vehicles is the technology and cost of lithium-ion batteries. Normally, the value chain of electric vehicle Read more

90 Degree Steering Mechanism

IILM students have excellently demonstrated their dexterity, this time in building a 90-degree wheel steering mechanism to give a twist and turn to your journey. Let’s know more and get inspired – Its Working Principle This project works on the principle that the two alternate diagonal wheels i.e. the front left and back right will Read more

AUTOMOBILE – The Road to Development

Automobile Engineering is one of the specialized branches of engineering at CET-IILM AHL, Greater Noida. It offers 4 years Degree Programme in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech). The course started in the year 2012 under Uttar pradesh Technical University, Lucknow with an initial intake of 60 students. The IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Greater Noida was Read more