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Biotechnology Sector- Transforming the Careers from Plinth to Paramount

Biotechnology is the amalgamation of Biology with Technology to transform existing processes by induction of biological entities to make them better in terms of productivity and quality of the products. It is the domain which holds promising future for students in multifarious domains like Health sector, Pharmaceuticals, Bioinformatics, Clinical research, Stem cell banking, Research & Development, Production and Quality control sector of Food & Beverages companies etc. List of career options is endless in this forte. As per the authenticated facts and observations, the major question that flashes in the mind of all the students after completion of their Class 12th Studies is which college to opt for, which career options to go for, which stream should be selected to give them a competitive edge over others. This article is a minuscule endeavour to throw light on the beaming career avenues in Biotechnology arena with a compact coverage of various specialization offered by this field.

For Biology background students, most promising career is offered by the stream of Biotechnology. Reason behind this is that Biotechnology offers a vibrant knowledge base in plethora of subjects which includes Metabolic Engineering, Recombinant DNA technology, Immunodiagnostic Techniques, Industrial Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering, Plant Tissue culture Techniques, Computer aided drug designing, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Analytical techniques in Biotech, Downstream processing technologies, Environmental Biotechnology, Patenting in Biotechnology, Molecular Signalling pathways, Stem cell technology, Genomics & proteomics.

Recombinant DNA technology exposes the students to various methodologies to develop recombinant microbes and enzymes with better efficiency, economic cost of production and high yield. Plant technologists have been able to induct resistant genes in wild type plant varieties which gives them protection against insects & pests. Epitome of efficiency in Biotechnology sector has been demonstrated by success stories of products like Golden rice, Flavr Savr tomato etc. Environmental Biotechnology has provided solutions for buzzing environmental problems like hazardous effects of oil spills or petroleum hydrocarbons. Many microbial species mainly Pseudomonas fluorescens, Alcaligenes species, Micrococcus roseus have been known to do microbial degradation of crude oil and remove hydrocarbon contaminants of petroleum and thereby, saving the biodiversity and environmental ecology. By gaining insights into other domains like Computer aided drug designing, students are able to assess the molecular signalling pathways, decipher disease targets and find out new lead compounds by virtual screening to develop potential therapeutics for life threatening diseases.

With exposure to humongous forte, A student of Biotechnology gets well equipped with tools and techniques to enhance his employability from Core R& D sector to stem cell banking; from quality control in pharmaceuticals to developing transgenics by applying genetic engineering.

Apart from placement options, Bio entrepreneurship has arisen as the great option for the Bio-technocrats. With focus on Innovation and entrepreneurship, firms like BIRAC and MSME are offering good amount of funds for innovative business ideas and projects in Biotechnology. Key aspect looked for granting the funds is the feasibility and uniqueness of the idea to address the problems of mankind and offer solutions.

In nutshell, Biotechnology offers the best of both the worlds and should be chosen as the first priority option by the students without a pinch of dilemma. This sector has emerged as the most dynamic choice for all the Biologists.

Written by:

Dr. Pallavi Singh, Associate Professor, Biotechnology, IILM Engineering, Greater Noida



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