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Why should one choose Integrated MBA over a regular one?

Students now a day seems to be more interested in making early career choices. The reason is the growing role of specialization and competitions in the current era. The lucrative future prospects for the technical professionals have turned the students to look for the courses wherein they can enroll in early days and hence, come out with flying colors in the end without investing extra money and time. Integrated MBA is one of such rapidly growing career program.

Integrated MBA Program, a five-year course, is for class XII pass out students who look forward to a career in business management. It enhances students’ managerial skills and knowledge based on ethical considerations. Students who wish to pursue a five-year integrated MBA shall have an added advantage in terms of the syllabus as in the five-year program, as there is no repetition of courses or subjects. Time and expenses are saved in Integrated MBA as candidates need not to appear for the entrance exam and selection process twice (at UG and PG level), hence saving one year that goes into preparation for entrance exams. Students pursuing an Integrated MBA will have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of business management and the opportunity to pursue chosen areas of specialization.

Master of Business Administration- a postgraduate degree program that makes students acquainted with the tools and techniques strategically used in improving business practices and performance. An MBA aspirant has to clear the entrance exams to get into this course. On completion of this course, they can look out for employment profiles in the Service sector, the manufacturing sector, IT sector, banking sector etc.

Key Differences between MBA and Integrated MBA, that will help one in choosing wisely over it-

• A graduate in any stream can apply for an MBA program whereas candidates afresh after 12th can apply for Integrated MBA.
• The MBA course duration is 2 years whereas the Integrated MBA program duration is for a period of 5 years.
• The selection of specialization becomes a tough choice in MBA which takes place in the second year ,whereas in Integrated MBA choice of specialization becomes easy as the students get well versed in the basics of subjects like HR, Finance, MIS, etc and it enhances the skills in a specific area, exceptionally boosting job prospects.
• The aim of the MBA program is to make the candidates be prepared to take up the managerial level jobs but Integrated MBA is a step ahead in graduating the candidates with managerial skills who are industry ready.
• The MBA students get only a year to prepare for being placed in placement opportunities whereas the students who opt for doing Integrated MBA can get approximately 3-4 years to prepare themselves for placement opportunities.