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Relevance of Mathematics in Engineering

The most important areas of Mathematics in Engineering are trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, statistics, and geometry. Engineering being a science wherein the forces of nature are converted for the utility of mankind. For the students of Engineering, Mathematics is a discipline which they cannot refrain from. Mathematicsis an integral part of engineering which helps us to understand and establish relationships among different quantities. For instance, Computer Science Engineering is largely dependent on numerical analysis, logic analysis, and algebra.

Mathematics teaches about the logic and problem solving whether the problem is related to our daily life or not.
Basically, mathematics can help us better comprehend, understand and establish the meanings of the world around us. In real life, the application of each form of mathematics may not be used directly but the subject has great relevancein different areas of science and its applicability.

Engineers are the people that solve problems and specialise in making things work more efficiently and effectively.
Engineers apply the theories, principles and concepts of Mathematics to research and develop economical solutions to technical problems. Their work is the link between perceived social needs and commercial applications. From the above itself it’s clear that the appliance of Mathematics becomes indispensable for engineering. For instance, in Mechanical engineering, students cannot understand Bernoulli Equation, Fluid Mechanics, Continuity Equation, Advance thermodynamic systems etc. without having mathematical bent of mind.

It seems impossible to engineer something without the assistance of Mathematics. The laws of mathematics govern everything around us and without an honest understanding of that; one can encounter significant problems in life. Mathematics teaches logic and problem solving whether the problem is related to our daily life or not. Students must enjoy learning mathematics in theory form and hence, apply their knowledge in practical world of engineering.