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Biotechnology: An ever-green career option for youngsters

Biotechnology is now can be considered as the most demanding and developed field from the point of career and placement. Its foundation is in traditional biology and basic engineering which is now emerged as the most applicable and popular science in the present scenario. The core subjects to be studies under it include Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Genetic engineering, Bioprocess, Fermentation, Immunology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, and Basic mathematics and engineering. From the technology point of view, areas likewise fermentation technology, tissue engineering, PCR technology, DNA sequencing, chromatography, cell-based assays, diagnostic, etc are to be studied. It covers applications in agriculture, environment, veterinary pharma, industry, and healthcare. So as per its applications in the various stated domain, it has been further characterized as Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, and Medical Biotechnology. Since all these fields are associated with living sciences its success graph can never be declined.

Students after completing their degrees in this field can opt for various area of research, industry as well as academics. Even after simple graduation, they can be placed for the positions that fill the gap between research and market. Students who want to go for further studies such as M.Tech, MS or Ph.D. are also supported by many governments and private scholarship funding schemes. Apart from that, there are many govt. funding such as BIRAC, which supports entrepreneurship from research institutes, academics, and startups.

According to a recent article published in Polaris market research, the biotechnology market has been valued at USD 390.1 billion in 2017. This reflects its importance from economics and career point of view. Extensive application paired with growing demand and utility is the Key success of Biotechnology. The great success stories of biotech in the field of agriculture and pharma/medicines make it suitable to be selected as the best career option.