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Ways to make Mathematics Easier and Interesting

Mathematics is one of the fundamental sciences without which one cannot think of progressing in scientific as well as the technical field. Especially the engineering students must learn to play with mathematics, its equations, derivations and much more. It would be certainly more wonderful if in mathematics classes students find it relatively easier and interesting.

For that, first of all, we have to make the subject meaningful by observing that-

The teachers should know the background of particular topics of maths and tell the students that what they are going to learn in other subjects. The question, “Why are we going to learn this topic?”, is a very reasonable question and required to answer at first instance. This will generate not only the quest to learn but also develop interest among students before proceeding with that particular topic.

What is to be done now? We can tell the students that exactly where the students can apply this math topic. It preferred to take real-life examples from other subjects. A teacher must ensure to make connections between the math topic and the surroundings. This will help students in grasping the subject in a relatively better way. Therefore, to make the subject interesting it is required to start with some tangible examples.

Further, Mathematics is largely about abstraction. Mathematicians for centuries have thought about real problems and come up with their practical ways to solve those problems. If the students will not have the practical idea about the original problem then how can understand the abstractions of those problems.The best way to start any topic is with a real-life example. Instead of starting with a formula, a teacher can let students image a situation and later take up to show them the mathematical way to proceed towards its solution. This will generate creative and analytical thinking inside the students about the concept. A teacher can arise the curiosity of students using any method like by a photograph, a short video, a diagram, or a graph, outlining an interesting problem in the local area.

Another way to make mathematics interesting and easy is – Creativity and ownership. However, there are many ways we can encourage creativity in math. Technology is one avenue – get students to use creative means to describe a mathematical concept. Such individualized assignments get them thinking about the bigger picture, encourages creativity, and is more likely to generate feelings of ownership than the normal mass-produced assignment.
Moreover, engaging the students in further meaningful activities which may include –

(i) Role play the concept
(ii) Do a revision activity, particularly one that helps the students to remember the vocabulary and symbols
(iii) Discuss a higher-level question about the comparison, analysis, etc.
(iv) Get the student’s ideas and understanding about the topic.

In the meanwhile, one should never underestimate in the advantage of doing more and more practice, just to ensure their command over the subject.

Dr.Mohd. Nafees Siddiqui
Assistant Professor – Mathematics
Department of Applied Sciences
IILM CET, Greater Noida