IILM College of Engineering and Technology

A glimpse to the Electronics & Communication Engineering at IILM.

Established in 2002, The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at IILM has been continuously evolved in the service of the nation by nurturing the batches of quality engineers with the help of well-trained faculty and technical staff. The mission of the department is to provide the technically advanced academic atmosphere to its students so that they can be well fitted in the changing scenery of the electronically communicating world. The vision of the department is established liaison between the similar types of institution so that both our faculties and students can have strong tide with door enhancing learning and the knowing the process. The department has a good blend and well qualified teachers capable of imparting the state of the art of Electronics to their people. Most of the laboratories under ECE Department are well equipped (like Electronic Circuit Designing, Microwave, Antenna, Communication Lab, Control System Lab and project Lab). Every year our students take part in various technical competition on national and international level. Our students find themselves well capable of designing various industrial advance systems like Bullet Train Prototype, Li-Fi Module, and Automated Railway Signaling that will allow smoother railway operation even in extreme fog conditions. Students of IILM are well aware of their requirement and they are sound enough to design something that will further be utilized by them. In year 2016, students were having problem in identifying the exact functioning of various pins of the ICs so they came up with an idea of designing an IC tester circuit which will solve their problem once for all and they did it successfully. This shows the real tendency of our budding engineers and their skills.

Ambuj Kumar
Asst. Professor
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
IILM College of Engineering & Technology

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