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90 Degree Steering Mechanism

IILM students have excellently demonstrated their dexterity, this time in building a 90-degree wheel steering mechanism to give a twist and turn to your journey.

Let’s know more and get inspired –

Its Working Principle

This project works on the principle that the two alternate diagonal wheels i.e. the front left and back right will steer together to give the turning motion to the vehicle and similarly with the other two wheels through chain drive arrangements. In this vehicle all the four wheels will be independently working & the battery provided which is connected to the control unit will provide the necessary power supply.

Objective for the study –

  • To obtain a large steering angle.
  • To enable small sharp turns to be made smoothly without wheel lock-up occurring even at large steering angles.
  • To make it possible to change the driving rotation direction and the amount of rotation of front and rear wheels and inner and outer wheels in dependence upon the steering angle.

What benefits can be driven out of this?

  • With the 360 mode, the vehicle can quickly turn around at the press of a button and a blip of the throttle.
  • Crab mode helps simplify the lane changing procedure.
  • Due to the better handling and easier 90 degree steering capability, driver fatigue can be reduced even over long drives.
  • Military reconnaissance and combat vehicles can benefit to a great extent from 360 modes, since the 90 degree steering can be purpose built for their application and are of immense help in navigating difficult terrain.

Where to Apply itPractically-

It has a wide array of real-life applications such as –

  • High speed lane changing
  • High speed straight line operation
  • Turning on curve
  • For parking
  • Junction intersection
  • Parallel Parking
  • Gentle curves

Team members whose efforts have counted –

Students Team: ShivamPuri, Mrityunjay Rai, Shubham Rai, Rajat jagwan, Toyebji Tariq Ahamad

Faculty: Mr. Naseem Ahamad


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