IILM College of Engineering and Technology

miRNAs – players in Cancer

Cancer is a multiple step process which causes genetic changes in normal cells by a chain of states that represents initial malignancy progressing towards invasive cancer that converts to metastasis affecting the whole body. Cancer results represent specific phenotypes representing cell growth in a controlled environment and representing altered characteristics. Cancer cells are produced by Read more

Innovation in MEMS thrives to decode Neurotechnology

Micro-Electromechanical systems (MEMS) field was first proposed by famous physicists, Richard Feynman in 1959 in his seminal paper ‘There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom’. With the rapid strides of innovation taking place in an effort to make smaller, efficient and more compact electronic devices/IoT gadgets, scientists and researchers have started getting attracted to neuron Read more

Relevance of Mathematics in Engineering

The most important areas of Mathematics in Engineering are trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, statistics, and geometry. Engineering being a science wherein the forces of nature are converted for the utility of mankind. For the students of Engineering, Mathematics is a discipline which they cannot refrain from. Mathematicsis an integral part of engineering which helps us Read more

Shifting Towards Online Teaching

Rising the complexities in each sector of administration and governance, India has seen a lot of unwanted holidays including pollution break, Ayodhya verdict, CAA, COVID 19 break and many other cases. This has largely affected the routine functioning of schools and colleges across either whole or some parts of the country. In the light of Read more

Modular Construction and Industry 4.0

The implementation of Industrial Revolution  4.0 within the Construction Industry would drive the industry’s performance to match with their industry counterparts such as the manufacturing and automotive industry. Industry 4.0 has already been in the construction industry and the technologies are on different levels of maturity. Technologies such as BIM, Cloud Computing, and Modularization have Read more

Innovative Antenna Technology for Modern Wireless Communication System

Today’s world is the world of wireless communication and antennas play a major role to make this world wireless, by using high frequency and diversity antennas goal of maximum coverage and capacity has been accomplished. If we compare with the latest communication system with conventional communication system then we find in the conventional system has Read more

Thermo Concrete: An Environmentally Intelligent Building Material

The thermoconcrete is a reinforced concrete panel element made of sheets of welded steel wire mesh with a core filled by insulated expanded polysterene sheets and concrete and plastered on the surface. A galvanized steel wires are inserted through the EPS panels through the Polystyrene core with some offset and inclination for better strength and Read more

English for Non-native speakers in a Multilingual Context: Generating Edge for the Ones on the Edge

In a country like India where hundreds of languages and their varieties exist along with other impactful processes, the task of empowering the student/campus youth with knowledge of English as a foreign or second language becomes severely challenging and daunting. Moreover, the lack of formation, implementation, and evaluation of a cohesive, consistent and long-run educational Read more

Clean Programming

Computer Programs are set of instructions given by the user, which tells what the machine is supposed to do while the development of various applications, websites, web portals, games, operating systems, other programming languages, etc to serve the needs of various users. These instructions are given using various programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, Read more

Stress Management in Students Life

Stress is a common thing challenging mental health of youth at present. It not just worries the students but also to their parents. A depressed child a home disheartens the parent too. Parents usually say- mental stress was not an issue at the time while we were young. Our economic and socio-cultural environment has been Read more