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Remote Sensing: Widening the Horizon

Earth’s awareness is a basis for sustainable societies, prosperity, and security. The reliable, detailed and comprehensive information of Earth’s dynamic environment is required for urban planning, disaster management, precise agriculture, climate treaty verification, effective navigation of airlines and ships, and access to natural resources. In addition to the basic predictions of weather, this information has Read more

Hydro Car: A Futuristic Approach towards Sustainability

Oil reserves are depleting fast. They are unable to meet the fuel demand of future generations. Apart from being non-renewable, they also harm environment due to being polluting, noisy and undeniably dirty. Renewable fuel options can only provide the answer to energy needs for tomorrow, Hydrogen Fuel is one of them where the only exhaust Read more

Biotechnology: An ever-green career option for youngsters

Biotechnology is now can be considered as the most demanding and developed field from the point of career and placement. Its foundation is in traditional biology and basic engineering which is now emerged as the most applicable and popular science in the present scenario. The core subjects to be studies under it include Molecular biology, Read more

How to keep roads Future evident?

The modern world is on the very edge of a vehicle transformation, and with advancement comes another arrangement of difficulties. Since the 1800s, the chief command for structural designers and street specialists has only been to create longer-enduring, increasingly tough surfaces. New advances, for example, vehicle mechanization and smart infrastructure can possibly improve wellbeing, decrease Read more