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Rising role of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

With the continuous and rapid rise in the demand for automation, technology has strengthened its hold. Amid a series of breakthroughs, the Manufacturing sector is heavily influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). For instance, in parlance to the recent analysis, it has been seen that data analytics is largely powered by AI which is being applied Read more

Lucrative Career Options after B. Tech Computer Science

B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is being one of the best choices not only in India but also around the world. During the four years, undergraduates will be made conversant with software and hardware by studying subjects like operating system, computer networks, digital image processing, database management systems, cloud computing, Internet of Things, Read more

Ways to make Mathematics Easier and Interesting

Mathematics is one of the fundamental sciences without which one cannot think of progressing in scientific as well as the technical field. Especially the engineering students must learn to play with mathematics, its equations, derivations and much more. It would be certainly more wonderful if in mathematics classes students find it relatively easier and interesting. Read more

How to Make Mathematics Easier and Interesting for Engineering Students?

Mathematics begins when the numbers are put between the equations and at the same time begins the general feeling of disliking among engineering scholars. But the truth is that without mathematics, engineering studies are not possible. Therefore, a prominent engineer should have the acquaintance of not only experiential mathematics but also the conceptual understanding of Read more

5G Technology- Next in the row!

There is so much talk,buzz about 5G in the media, social media, and curiosity on what all will be the features of it. Amid so much hype about IoT (Internet of Things),news about Smart Homes, Smart Cities, at few places’ labs have been set up about IoT. You can understand IoT by imagining a fridge Read more

Let’s Know about Genetically Modified (GM) Crops

Genetic engineering has a wider application in the genetic modifications, and it paved the way in Biotechnology for the production of the first genetically modified plant ever produced in the year 1982. Interestingly it was an antibiotic-resistant tobacco plant. The first field trails occurred in France and the USA in 1986, using tobacco plant engineered Read more