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As many a structure and Civil infrastructure are deteriorating in a rapid speed the American Society of Civil Engineers conducted a study of these constructions in the united states. On an A — F scale, It was observed that most of these infrastructure were on D+ rating. A Smartphone-based technology has been developed by the Read more

Contemporary Studies of Civil Engineering with Futuristic Technology

Civil engineering is on the way of major transition in upcoming futures due to advancement in technology.  Gone are the days, when this core engineering was focused on smart materials and energy-efficient buildings. But, in recent times, civil engineers are placing more emphasis on computer vision, BIM, virtual reality, sustainability, IoT, and 3D printing technologies Read more

World of 5G

In the fastest moving world, technology has emerged as the show stopper. Each coming day is lined up for finding fastest and newest modes of connecting. The successor of technology 4G is 5G which is meant to bring you further transformations- rapid speeds, data transmission, and handle things much more effectively. The main objective of Read more


Have you at any point strolled along a road where the streetlights lit up just in the territory around you? These streetlights are being introduced in numerous urban communities nowadays, so soon you will have this experience, on the off chance that you have not as of now. A standout amongst the best instances of Read more

‘Electric Bike’ Project of IILM Student won the First Prize of Rs. 1 Lakh by State Government

With the announcement of the name of Mr. Honey Saini, B. Tech student from the Automobile Engineering, IILM College of Engineering; the hall went cheering with clapping of hands for long. As an inspirational figure for many, he won the first prize of Rs 1 lac at final review of the project by UP State Read more

Recent Advancements in Microprocessor Designing

Many things are done since the last  few decades in the market of the microprocessor. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the recent advancements in designing of the microprocessors. 1)64-BIT MICROPROCESSORS AND THE CONSUMER MARKET In the early years of  2000s AMD introduces its first 64 bit  CPU.  Generally Intel is Read more


In today’s world, it will not be wrong to say that “DATA IS THE NEW OIL.” One who has the information holds the key to everything. Countries today play their diplomatic games based on the information they possess. Business runs on the prediction of the future demands which are obtained by analyzing the huge database Read more

Electronic Engineer’s SCOPE in India

The extent of hardware is expanding step by step in India. India is a creating nation, so the hardware is assumed an indispensable job in nation development. Under the aegis of start-up India… a large portion of the new businesses are opened in the field of gadgets, and it will take around 2-3 years to Read more

Why refocusing on Electronic Warfare critical for current scenarios?

The world is today gearing towards tighter integration of digital technology into modern life, for instance ‘Digital India’ initiative to empower the society digitally and improve the knowledge economy. This has led to widespread boom in the electronics and communication sector where increased convergence of cyber, electronic and optical technologies is witnessed. Global telecom ecosystem Read more

Aerial Base Stations: The future of 5G and beyond Cellular Systems in India !! Part II

Matt Richtel in his article on ‘Inauguration crowd will test Cellphone Networks’ in The New York Times, endorsed on the novel concept of Verizon Wireless for deploying the cells on wheels (COWs) and cells on light trucks (COLTs). The main idea of such a mobile deployment was to serve a huge crowd gathering at the Read more