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Development of a Drug

Drugs in pharmacy are actually medicines that are used for the well being of human to prevent or cure a disease. It is a product produced and regulated by pharmaceutical companies that can impart positive medical effect on patients. Study of drugs is called pharmacology that includes sub branches pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. Pharmacology is the Read more

The harsh reality of Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency is a virtual electronic money that has spread its efflorescence in the public domain. It has designed innovatively for transactions of digital money in the network. As contrasting to centralized digital currency and central banking system, it is decentralized, i.e. it has no centralized administrator or no centralized data storage. This is not the Read more


Bluetooth is wireless technology used everywhere. There come many versions in every year which fulfills the demands of users of that year. But with the advancement in everything, users also want some new and tempting feature for Bluetooth. The new versions have changes and more support than the previous ones. Now the Bluetooth 5 has Read more

Internet of Things: Gateway to galore of opportunities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a governing factor of the digital revolution that will empower organizations to reassess their services and products, internal activities and plans of action. Internet of things started ruling our lives at different levels starting from an individual to city level: smart assistants, smart parking, smart phones, smart cities to Read more