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Genetically modified organisms, transgenic plants or transgenics is an interesting area for researchers. Biotechnology students at IILM are working in the field of genetic engineering and show keen interest towards transgenics and transgenic plants.India’s genetically modified crop area is fifth largest in world (approx 11.4 million hectares in 2017) that indicates the high demand for Read more

Bioethanol Production from agrowastes

Waste is any unusable or unwanted material that is rejected because it is of no use and waste management refers to the activities related with the collection and disposal of wastes. Waste management starts from collection of waste to its segregation, recycling and disposal. Wastes includes basically domestic, commercial and industrial wastes like plastics, bottles, Read more

An Implication of Information Technology on Cross Cultural Diversity

To begin with, there must be a decent meaning of the expression “culture” which can be characterized as the acquired qualities, ideas, and methods for living which are shared by individuals of a similar social gathering. The globalization era has transformed the world and international integration has risen from the interchange of world’s outlook, products, Read more

Research Journals: Selection, Citation and Impact – A Student Guide

AVOIDING PREDATORY PUBLISHERS ► Predatory journals, or journals that charge an article processing charge (APC) to authors, yet do not have the hallmarks of legitimate scholarly journals such as peer review and editing, Editorial Boards, editorial offices, and other editorial standards ► Predatory publishers, which publish counterfeit journals to exploit the open-access model in which Read more

Gigabit Fibre Network to Home/Office (FTTH/x)

Every new day we hear about high-speed internet data download rates where a complete movies can be downloaded in less than one second that too while sitting in the home comfort. How such fast internet download speed is possible? what is the underlying technology which enables such high-speed download? How this fast speed possible at Read more

‘Plagiarism’ – a stain upon the legitimacy of education & research

‘The research work carried out by the student, faculty, researcher and staff shall be based on original ideas, which shall include abstract, summary, hypothesis, observations, results, conclusions and recommendations only and shall not have any similarities’  However, many researchers copy or reproduce the works of other successful PhD holders or from unquoted sources. This unethical Read more


In its zest to develop products which will be boon to societal and ecological development, Mr Honey Saini, final year student of Automobile Engineering has undertaken a project of designing and developing an all-electric motorcycle. The aim of this project is to develop an absolute zero emission motorbike for daily commuting. The motor cycle shall Read more