IILM College of Engineering and Technology

Laboratory-enabled Robotics Learning

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have transformed the functionality of modern times industries and the outlook for the world in numerous ways. The thing which was rather hard to presume centuries back has taken a practical shape now. Scientists and Technocrats have already reached at the consensus that the coming age will be majorly guided and Read more

Private Blog Networks – Reward or Risk

In the era of fast moving technology-driven world, Private Blog Networks (PBNs) comes out as an interesting and meaningful blogging specialist. Every domain holder wishes to appear at the apex of the organic search results at Google. For that matter, simply a huge number of backlinks are needed. The intent is to expand the reach Read more

Motor Technology – The ‘Center’ of an Electric Vehicle Efficiency

In the energy starving world, demand of energy is continuously raising, of-course not parallel to its supply. This issue become more significant when traditional sources of energy are continuously depleting and people are rushing to resort the renewable energy sources. Electricity is one of the chief renewable energy sources. In the meanwhile, rising prices of Read more

Electromagnetic Stir Casting: An Approach to Produce Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite (MMC)

(Figure: Experimental Setup) A metal matrix composite is a composite material that constitutes one metal and other different metal or another material like ceramic or organic compound. When at least three materials are present it constitutes hybrid MMC. The use of composite increases day by day in defense, automobile, aviation, aerospace industry. Now a day’s Read more

‘eHopeWall’- An Attempt to Tackle Environmental Pollution Through ‘Reuse & Recycle Concept’

‘eHopeWall’, where the ‘e’ so justly stands for the “environment”. The pollution level in soil, water and air is increasing vehemently day by day due to one or another, unsafe human practices. Soil and water pollution not only affect the soil but also the flora and fauna that unknowingly get these in their system while Read more

Meaningful Learnings at Smart Green Summit

In IILM’s pursuit to passionately support ‘Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Inclination’ of its ‘Young & Aspiring Engineering Students’, a visit to participate in the “Smart Green Summit and Awards” event organized by Saint Gobain & The Economic Times Group, at Hotel Taj Diplomat, New Delhi, was facilitated with great zeal. IILM Engineering’s brilliant scholars – Read more

Waste Thermal Energy Harvesting Using Pyroelectric Ceramics

Waste thermal energy harvesting is becoming a popular area of research because of the continuously diminishing of conventional energy resources. Waste thermal energy comes from the sun, exhaust emissions, and waste oil/water exiting manufacturing and power plants. Particularly energy harvested in terms of micro/milliwatts has gained more attention for low-power electronics. Energy requirements for self-powered Read more

Biotechnology – Journey Towards a Career Transforming Lives

Biotechnology has the multitude of advanced technologies; supportive in an array of advanced domains. Biotechnology has the power to develop innovative solutions to existing complexities & problems in healthcare by transforming the root cause of diseases and curing it genetic level. Biotechnology has revolutionized the entire Agriculture sector by introducing high quality and high yield Read more