IILM College of Engineering and Technology

Industry 4.0 – Next Era of Industrial Revolution

There have been industrial revolutions in the past and industry 4.0 is normally referred to as 4th industrial revolution (Figure 1). The primary idea of industry 4.0 as digitization of industry comes from a 2011 project of Federal Ministry of Education and research (BMBF) of Germany. Industry 4.0 creates the concept of smart/intelligent factory wherein Read more

Challenges and Opportunities in lithium-ion battery technologies for electric vehicles

The automotive industry’s quest to limit its impact on the environment and transform automotive mobility into a sustainable mode of transportation continues at high intensity, despite the current economic crisis. The major issue which is still haunting the electric vehicles is the technology and cost of lithium-ion batteries. Normally, the value chain of electric vehicle Read more

An off-grid Smart Thinking- Smart Village

Village are the basic unit of human dwelling. It is the symbol of primary settlement of communities. Promoting the new thinking as a catalyst to development, global communities are appreciating the concept of Smart Village worldwide. With enabling provision for basic amenities like- water, energy, sanitation, nutrition, education, clean and green sustainable solutions, enhanced security, Read more

Cost-effective Hydroponics System – A techo-enabled sustainable solution for producing pollution free vegetables

IILM students are pioneer in research and development and thus, marking their presence at renowned platforms. This time Bio-tech students have shine – Research project got selected by UPCST under “Students Engineering Research Project Scheme” under mentorship of Mr. Vikas Chandra Gupta and Dr. Meenu Singh of Department of Biotechnology, IILM-CET, Greater Noida to the Read more

IILM Student’s Canvas of Imagination at ‘Innovation Budge’

IILM Engineering encourages and supports students to showcase & nurture their creativity and innovative skills. To motivate them further in this direction, students with creativity and zeal for innovation got registered for National Project Competition 2018 – ‘Innovation Budge’ at Sharda University, Greater Noida. The event included various new innovative, smart ideas including solid waste Read more

90 Degree Steering Mechanism

IILM students have excellently demonstrated their dexterity, this time in building a 90-degree wheel steering mechanism to give a twist and turn to your journey. Let’s know more and get inspired – Its Working Principle This project works on the principle that the two alternate diagonal wheels i.e. the front left and back right will Read more

A Confluence of Technology and Innovation – ELECTROCON-2018

On 15th March 2018 a day long technical national conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics, IT and Communication- ELECTROCON-2018 was held at IILM-CET. This is a yearly conference organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. ELECTROCON provides a broad forum for Electronics, IT and Communication related research with an emphasis on implementations and experimental Read more

Visionary Budding Engineers of Department of ECE, IILM-CET

Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Technology (Prototype of Bullet Train) The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), students are preparing a prototype of Bullet Train under the supervision of Mr. Awadhesh Maurya, Asst. Prof. Dept. of ECE. This project was initiated by the electrical and electronics engineering students (Ankit, Jitesh Kumar Singh, Punit Teotia, Robin Tyagi and Read more

Hybrid Electric Vehicle – A Sustainable Vehicle for Future

Innovation at IILM is at par and here is the live example of it. IILM students have designed Hybrid Electric vehicle to offer a sustainable solution to growing energy needs of the world. The worldwide automobile industry is on the verge of major structural change which is largely due to growing concern for environment followed Read more