IILM College of Engineering and Technology

Why choose Mechanical @IILM ?

1. You get the opportunity to create something tangible and useful. Your creations will be used by others. It gives you the greatest joy. 2. Its the broadest branch of engineering so your career options are open even after u graduate like Defence, Civil services, High end R&D, Manufacturing, Design, Energy sector, Management, Entrepreneurship, Masters(M.TECH/MS) Read more

BIOTECH ILLUMINA Biotech Department Annual Magazine

Department of Biotechnology at IILM releases its annual magazine, “BIOTECH ILLUMINA”. This magazine is an initiative taken by the department four years back to provide key insights on departmental activities, research publications, projects, student recruitment and latest innovations in domain of biotechnology round the year. This magazine aims to unveil the true potential of the Read more


Civil Engineering affects the most of humane around the world. The blog explains the social obligations of the working Civil Engineer. And also what products are created by the industry for the human well being. Civil Engineer plans and oversees safety, economics and comforts of the construction of the infrastructure i.e. roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, Read more

Best Faculty means Best Branch

Department of mechanical engineering, College of engineering & technology, IILM every year organise some seminars, guest lectures, workshops, conferences as a part of curriculum for the benefit of students. They provide the best faculty comes from IITs, NITs and other reputed colleges like DTU, AMU etc. Faculty is the backbone of any educational institute. They Read more

Mechanical Engineering is Complete Engineering

Mechanical Engineering department of IILM was set up with the intent to impart quality education and to equip young people with knowledge and skills that would enable them to make a meaningful contribution to an economy that has to face the challenges of global competition. The Institute ranks among the top 10 private engineering colleges Read more

Develop Yourself at IILM

Knowledge is the key to success but what if you could not extract anything fruitful from this knowledge and make the best use of it? What can be the reason for the failures which students face during their campus placements? Is lack of preparation the reason that makes students not reach their goals and dreams? Read more

Mathematical Biology: Measuring Life

Mathematical biology aims at the mathematical representation, treatment and modeling of biological processes, using a variety of applied mathematical techniques and tools. It has both theoretical and practical applications in biological, biomedical and biotechnology research. By describing the systems in a quantitative manner, their behavior can be better simulated, and hence properties can be predicted Read more

Career Building Events

Department of Biotechnology is remarkably working at IILM to organize workshops and guest lectures conducted in association with well established organizations and experts in the area helping students in career building. These events are conducted round the year for students introducing them to the ongoing research and career opportunities in the field. They are introduced Read more

Building Researchers in Biotechnology

Make in India campaign had helped India to grow as a manufacturing hub and establish itself as the next global biotech hub opening new opportunities for the coming generations. India is a land of talented and enthusiastic scientific workforce and is putting its efforts in a direction to grow its bioeconomy. Biotechnology as an industry Read more

Are you choosing the right?

Biotechnology is not a novel branch although every day it comes up with a novel discovery or solution. If you are targeting to achieve high goals in life then take a right and choose biotechnology as your graduate degree. From ancient time to present scenario, biotechnology is one of the most widely expanded branches full Read more