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        Health is one of the sectors that has the most to gain from technological development. IoT helps in reducing the risk of infecting health professionals   and saves protection material on routine basis. In the present circumstances numerous IoT applications helped in identifying, testing and curing the COVID 19 infected population where Read more

Biotechnology Sector- Transforming the Careers from Plinth to Paramount

Biotechnology is the amalgamation of Biology with Technology to transform existing processes by induction of biological entities to make them better in terms of productivity and quality of the products. It is the domain which holds promising future for students in multifarious domains like Health sector, Pharmaceuticals, Bioinformatics, Clinical research, Stem cell banking, Research & Read more

Next Generation Sequencing- Revolutionizing the Global Scenario in Genomics Technologies

Completion of Human Genome Project in April 2003, a project initiated by National Human Genome Research Institute, led to a revolutionary change in domains of Genomics and personalized medicine. Deciphering the sequence of entire 3 billion base pairs of human genome was a landmark achievement of International Human Genome Sequencing consortium & Celera Genomics group Read more

Genetically Modified Plant: Tomorrows plant,Designer plant

Some ten thousand years ago started which we call today- the Neolithic Revolution, was probably more a lengthy evolution than a revolution. At that time, human behavior had changed from hunting and gathering culture to an agriculture-based culture. Till the 19th century, agriculture and agriculture-related products were sufficient to meet the human requirements. By the Read more

Biotechnology entrepreneurship: An Indian perspective

Biotechnology is the fastest growing and knowledge-training based sector in India and the world. This industry is expected to play a central role in shaping the economy of countries like India Biotechnology entrepreneurship is unique, as it is the effect of the sum of all the initiatives and activities which are important to build an Read more

Make the best of your college days

College is the most cherished time of everyone’s life. The time where you will learn, understand, explore, enjoy, and make memories. In your college days, you will be in the learning phase of your life where you will decide about your career and future. How to explore opportunities and work on all the possibilities to Read more

A Pathway – to better programmer

Programming is a fun and passion which lies inside the programmer. But to build coding an eternal elation and joy, one must have ignited to learn and adhere to elemental programming knowledge which makes you a good programmer. Programming serves an opportunity to work with multi-national companies in the world like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Read more

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & its Impact on the Global Economy

The coronavirus which surfaced in seafood & poultry market in China in Dec-19 , has proliferated in other parts of the world and has infected more than 192 countries. The impact of coronavirus is having a discerning effect on the global economy and has policymakers scrambling around to find the right solution to the enigma Read more

Unleashing Coding skills

Coding competitions are a great platform to showcase one’s ability to solve problems using various programming languages. Students who participate in various coding competitions do get the experience of exploring various solutions to real life problems, acquire in depth knowledge of programming languages which enhances confidence levels while appearing in interviews, recognition by various participating Read more


As quoted by the Father of Toxicology, Paracelsus “All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy”, it becomes mandatory for the mankind to investigate and develop the methods to find out that what dosage of a compound is going to cure us Read more

A Career in Biotechnology: Perception and Cognizance

Biotechnology is the broad area of biology, involving living systems and organisms to develop or make products, or “any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use (UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Art. 2). To make it simpler, Biotechnology is a cluster knowledge Read more

Smart Transportation helps in achieving sustainability

Smart transportation is one of the principle ways brilliant urban communities are improving the everyday lives of residents and improving maintainability. It incorporates: Smart transportation is one of the principle ways brilliant urban communities are improving the everyday lives of residents and improving maintainability. It incorporates: Data frameworks that gather information about traffic vehicles and Read more