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National Conference on Research Aspects in Internet of Things-2017 (21-22nd July, 2017)

The National Conference on Research Aspects in Internet of Things-2017 is an effort to bring together scientists, academicians, research scholars, and students, to share knowledge and scientific research works related to the topic given below and discuss the practical challenges encountered as well as the solutions adopted. The main reason behind organizing the National Conference on Research Aspects of IoT is to bring together renowned industry experts, eminent academicians, scientists, scholars and students on a forum to impart their perspectives on emerging areas in IoT. The seminar will not only take of latest trends or developments in IoT but will also provide future directions to young researchers and practitioners. All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content correctness, relevance to conference, contribution, and readability.

For any query regarding submission of abstract/manuscript, you may kindly contact at or Call us at Dr. Vaibhav- 9412233919, Ms. Anuradha- 9971180222


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Date: 20-June-2017
Workshop by SEBI on “Financial Planning for Young Investors”

On 18th April 2017, Department of Management had organized a workshop on “Financial Planning for young investors”. The keynote speaker was Dr. Satinder Kaur, Certified Financial Education Trainer from Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The workshop focused on young investors especially students of Management Department. The workshop had over Fifty participants including students as well as faculty members from Management & other departments.

Dr. Kaur focused on the importance of saving and investments in our daily life. She briefed about the 5 step process of financial planning highlighting the concepts of assets, liabilities, expenditures & income of an individual. Dr. Kaur stressed on the need of proper financial planning by setting financial goals based on the time frame/age factor. She also discussed the myths about investment among the investors and cleared doubts raised by the participants.

Finally, she discussed various investment avenues based on the risk appetite of the individual investor and especially those in which young investors can start investing from the age of 18 years. Dr. Kaur informed students about various online certification courses offered by National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) which can help students pursuing their career especially in the area of Finance.


Date: 18-April-2017
Industrial visit to Anmol Bakers Pvt Ltd

Department of Biotechnology has organized an industrial visit to Anmol Bakers Pvt Ltd Greater Noida on 5th April’17 for third-year students.  35 students along with two faculty members visited the plant. The product range covers an assortment of biscuits in sweet, semi-sweet, health segment, premium cookies and a variety of bar, cup and Tiffin cakes produced at word class state of the art manufacturing facilities. The multilevel quality check with certifications like ISO, HACCP and GMP ensures that the perfect balance of taste, hygiene and nutrition are maintained across all products.

The visit started with the raw material section which included Maida and sugar as the main component. These raw materials went through various quality checks at different stages before and after entering the plant. Raw material section was followed by mixing unit where all the raw material like Maida, sugar, flavors, fats and colors were added.  These components were mixed and were transferred to forming a unit.  These unbaked biscuits then entered a 200 feet oven on the conveyer belt for baking. Finally, the biscuits were packed in next section.

At all the stages the quality checks were performed as they were strongly committed to quality assurance.  Several stringent measures were taken in the entire manufacturing and packaging process to ensure the safety of end users. This visit has been highly fruitful for students to understand food technology processes.

Date: 05-April-2017
Workshop On DNA isolation & PCR amplification
One day hands on workshop  was organized by  Department of Biotechnology for  undergraduate students entitled “DNA isolation, PCR amplification and Stem cell in Cancer Research” on 4th April 2017. This workshop was conducted by Helix Biogenesis Pvt. Ltd. The purpose of the workshop was to bring hand on experience on molecular techniques like PCR, agarose gel electrophoresis and Genomic DNA isolation, Stem cells and their application in diagnostic and therapeutic. A galaxy of eminent researchers which included Dr. Ravindra Kumar ( Assistant Prof. Department of Botnay, Hindu College, Delhi) and Dr. Rashmi Bharadwaj ( Assistant Prof. MDM University Rohtak) and Dr. Amit (Assistant Prof. Delhi University) added sparkles to the forum. 
The initial session was started with an interactive session in which Dr. Rashmi Bharadwaj shared the basic knowledge about stem cells, their types, source, their derivation and use of embryonic stem cells lines. She also included the culturing of stem cells obtained from bone marrow, umbilical cord, etc, their storage and their identification by organ specific, surface markers known as CD markers ( clusters of differentiation)
She also delivered the valuable insights on the  ongoing research based on stem cells for treatment of many diseases like cancer, neurological disorders, HIV, AIDS, Spinal cord injury, liver diseases, corneal diseases and more interestingly baldness.  
She also gave information about Prokerna contact lens which are simple contact lens loaded with stem cells that could migrate and transplant in the eyes and restore and repair the human sight. She also highlighted the iconic accomplishment of two noble prize winning scientists Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka for turning human skin cell to stem cell. At the end of this session she also focused on challenges being faced in embryonic stem cell research and solved many queries of students and faculty members based on stem cell and their application in medical sciences.
The second session was conducted in lab where undergraduate students got hand on exposure on molecular techniques basically genomic DNA isolation from bacterial culture followed by analysis of extracted genomic DNA by agarose gel electrophoresis. In the other part of this session they performed DNA amplification by Polymerase Chain Reaction followed by electrophoresis to check the amplification. All the technical aspects, principles behind every steps and loop holes were well explained by the experts from Helix BioGenesis. This workshop has helped the students to develop clear insight on molecular techniques.
Date: 04-April-2017
Industrial Visit to BISLERI,Sahibabad

On 4th April 2017, 30 MBA students of IILM CET went for an industrial visit to Bisleri, Sahibabad, a brand that pioneered the concept of mineral water, bottled with its distinct green label. It was organized by the MBA department to give students a first-hand knowledge of the organized bottled water industry. Faculty from MBA department Neeraj Dangi, Shikha Shrivastav and Krishna Saraswat accompanied the students.

The visit was divided into three phases. The first phase consisted of Company presentation outlining the history, products, production process, advertisement and the strategies it followed over the years explained via a corporate video of Bisleri. The second phase was the plant visit by students facilitated by company officials followed by Question answer session, (Phase three), wherein students raised queries regarding production and marketing of Bisleri products.

During the plant visit, Students were explained and shown various stages of water purification, bottling & sterilizing, labeling and packaging processes.Students asked interesting questions as some were amazed at the operational efficiency. The plant makes 200 ml water bottle to 20-liter jars. As a CSR initiative of Bisleri, the students were also introduced to the rainwater harvesting system at the factory premises.

The students got the real feel of the production operations after the visit. They got an opportunity to comprehend practical implications of the theoretical knowledge they had been exposed to.The entire trip was educative and beneficial. It was indeed a learning experience and helped students to get insights of water and beverages industry.

Date: 04-April-2017
An insight on Biomedical nanotechnology

Department of Biotechnology has organized a Guest Lecture on "An insight on Biomedical nanotechnology" for it's undergraduate students by Prof.Veena Koul, Head of Centre for Biomedical Engineering at IIT, Delhi on 31st March 2017. It was a very informative and research oriented talk in which she delivered useful insights on Polymeric Nano platforms for Controlled and Targeted Drug Delivery.

She discussed various nano-carriers like lipsomes, polymersomes, electrospun mat, dendrons and polymeric micelles for drug delivery applications and the associated necessary constrains which has to be considered before using them for medical treatment purposes like safely, bio-compatibility, easy elimination by kidney, cost effectiveness, FDA approval, etc. She also explained different parameters on which nano particles can be characterized like morphology, activity, drug loading capacity, etc. She gave a brief introduction on Nanotechnology and transdermal therapeutics, the pathways involved in delivery of drug and exclusive associated advantages of this system which includes facile route of administration, hepatic by-pass, reduced adverse effects, etc. After that she discussed Iontophoretic technology and the Iontophoretic based transdermal drug delivery devices for delivery of small drug molecules.

She also discussed Hydrogel Scaffolds and Bi- layer dressing for wound healing application and application of artificial skin for accident and trauma Care.

In her last session of interaction she discussed the Nano platforms for targeting Cancer and also included the advantages of Nano-therapeutics over conventional chemotherapy. She also briefed about the on-going research and in-vivo studies in her lab to justify the biodegradability and bio-compatibility of polymeric nanosystem with high drug loading for cancer chemotherapy. She briefly talked about gene therapy and on going in-vitro and in-vivo studies on polymeric nano carriers for co-delivery of drug and siRNA for the treatment of cancer.

At last she has solved many queries of students related to nano-particles and their usage in drug delivery. After this enlightening session she herself interacted students and motivated them for research by making them aware about the long-term benefits of research. This Lecture was attended by 120 students of B.Tech Biotechnology and all the faculties of BT department.


Date: 31-March-2017
"Healthcare session" by Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd

Department of Biotechnology organized an interactive "Healthcare session" by Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd on 29th March 2017 for its undergraduate students. Ms. Jyoti(Executive, Dept. of Science, Yakult Danone India Pvt.Ltd) delivered useful insights on the benefits of probiotic drink and its associated health advantages. In her session,she told students that digestive system performs a vital role for healthy and long life and focused on the prime role of intestine in digestion, absorption, removal of waste material and most importantly in building of immunity. She spoke on intestinal flora and their role in digestion as well as in enhancement of immunity by suppressing harmful microbes and by activating NK cell which fight against cancerous cells.

She also emphasised on factors such as ageing, stress, medication, imbalance diet and infections which can demolish intestinal microbial flora. After that she discussed the prevention steps that should be taken to balance the flora in side our intestine like balanced and healthy diet, adequate sleep and intake of pro-biotics like Yakult milk. In brief introduction of Yakult company and its product she shared the information that Yakult is a fermented milk drink that contains over 6.5 billion probiotic bacteria - Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota which can give good health and longevity.

After this enlightening session, Ms. Jyoti has solved many quarries raised by students and faculty members related to Yakult and other pro-biotic products. She also shared information about the training and placement opportunities in Yakult company.

Today's Healthcare session was attended by 115 students of Biotechnology department along with respective faculty members

Date: 29-March-2017
Use of Total Station in Survey

One day workshop on `Use of Total Station in Survey” was orgainsed by Civil Engineering Department on 25th March 2017 from 9:30 A.M to 4:30 P.M by Ex Subedar Bhupender Singh, Ex Survey of India Unit in Army.

The workshop was attended by IInd & IIIrd year students and the Faculties.

The Importance of Total Station Vs Theodolite Survey were covered in detail in class room. All other aspects and importance of survey in various facets of Engineering and accuracy in Army to locate, record and engage targets was covered in brief.

Preparation of Mosaic and Maps of various accuracy and methodology including effects of Earth Curvature, Temp and Height effects on the accuracy were covered in detail.

The Setting up, Correction application in actual on ground (College Campus) were demonstrated and practiced.

The actual reading and recording procedure was also detailed and practiced by the Students.


Date: 25-March-2017
F.D.P on Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

Artificial intelligence is a science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It’s a way of making a computer, a computer controlled robot or a software which can think intelligently in the same manner as an intelligent human can think.

In light of this, Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a Faculty Development Program on Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision on March 23, 2017. The speaker, Dr. Sandhya Tarar, research associate from Gautam Budh University, Greater Noida shared her valuable talk.

Dr. Tarar has completed her PhD from GBU and has more than 11 years of research experience in Artificial Intelligence. She started the discussion with a brief overview of Digital Image Processing and how DIP is useful in the areas of education, healthcare, sports, defense, forensics, and biometrics.

After discussing DIP, she elaborated the concept of Artificial Intelligence and computer vision. She threw some light on the fact that how intelligent system can be built and worked upon. In addendum, she told about how Robots can be built using AI and computer vision concept and how robots are useful in making life easy. She showed some videos which were very helpful in understanding how robots are heading human beings. She discussed some real world applications like KINECT – an initiative by Microsoft which is a line of motion sensing input device, JARVIS – a bot prepared by Mark Zuckerberg to run his home including lights, temperature, appliances, music and security and LANEHAWK- an application used By Amazon in USA which detects and recognizes items as a part of transaction making sure stores get paid for their bottom-of-the-basket items.

Finally she concluded the session by discussing research issues in AI field followed by questionnaire.

Date: 23-March-2017
FDP on Animal models and their application in Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology organized FDP on “Animal models and their application in Biotechnology” on 9th March 2017 by Dr.Imteyaz Qamar, Asst.Professor, Gautam Buddha University.

Dr.Imteyaz Qamar has done post-doctorate from National Institute of Immunology and doctorate from Hormone Research Centre, South Korea. He was faculty and mentor of biotech Faculty, Ms.Neha Tiwari.

Apart from being a great academician, Dr. Imteyaz Qamar has been a renowned researcher in the domain of Reproductive Biology and Hormone research. He has ongoing projects funded by ICMR and DST in area of discovering novel anti-Cancerous molecules and their impact on cell lines .During his talk, Dr. Imteyaz Qamar talked about different kinds of animal models like Zebra fish embryo, Mice, Chimpanzee, Guinea pigs, Drosophila melanogaster etc and he correlated the homology between mammals and these animal models at genetic level.

He signified the application of these animal models in drug discovery and assessment of ADMET parameters of NDE (New drug entities) in clinical phase trials. His talk focused on advantages and limitations of each of these animal models in deciphering problems in metabolic pathways associated with various diseases. Analysis of changes in hematopoietic pathways, Blood profile, Body weight, dermal index after administration of drugs in these animal models is key factor in formulating the LD50 and ED values of any drug molecule.

It was an insightful talk which was attended by total of 17 faculties including faculty members from Department of Biotechnology, Computer Science Engineering and MBA. 42 Students from Biotech department attended the session to solve their queries about utility of animal models in field of Biotech research.

Date: 09-March-2017
Workshop on CLOUD COMPUTING Technologies

Cloud computing is the result of the evolution and adoption of existing technologies and paradigms. The goal of cloud computing is to allow users to take benefits from all of these technologies, without the need for deep knowledge about or expertise with each one of them. The cloud aims to cut the cost and helps the users focus on their core business instead of being impeded by IT obstacles. In light of this, Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a one day workshop on CLOUD COMPUTING TECHNOLOGIES with hands-on practice on Mar-08, 2017 with a group of 40 students and some faculty members. The speaker, Nitin Pandit, is a Microsoft certified Professional in C# CORNER MVP.

He started the workshop with the brief description of cloud computing, its application in industries and a real world programming in visual studio. Further, shared the understanding of Microsoft technologies with C# 6.0 which helped students to create their first app with C#.Net and also set windows app and installations in their system with the help of network. Then the session continued with Microsoft Web App technologies on web server IIS which gave them the understanding of Client side and server side scripting with ASP.Net.

He also emphasized on the techniques of Microsoft AZURE to make cloud computing easy for web apps on Internet. Further discussed the load balancing on Internet and create VM in AZURE.

The workshop is concluded with questionnaire session.

Date: 08-March-2017
Industrial Visit to Happiness Factory, Coca-Cola (Moon Beverages Pvt. Ltd.)

MBA Department had organized an industrial visit to Happiness Factory, Coca-Cola (Moon Beverages Pvt. Ltd.), Greater Noida on 8th March, 2017. Forty-Three students from MBA & MAM were accompanied by three faculty members.

The visit began with the introduction of Happiness Factory Coco Cola by Saurabh Singh, Marketing Manager and our Alumnus of MBA 2013-2015 Batch. The Happiness Factory is a concept developed by Coca-Cola wherein the invitees are taken on a tour of fun filled Coca-Cola themed museum along with production lines. Students were shown entire operational process of Coca- Cola product range (Limca, Mazaa, Kinley Water, Minute Maid, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta) in bottles and cans of various sizes. The students were informed that the factory produces 600 cold drink cans and 240 Mazaa and Minute-Maid bottles per minute.

The visit showcased the growth of Coca-Cola and its product range since 1885, the year of its inception. The other part of the visit highlighted various CSR activities undertaken by Coca-Cola. In addition students participated in an e-based quiz designed to test recall of information gathered by students during the visit. Students were thrilled by playing X-box games, listening to Coke Studio music and taking pics at Selfie Zone. 

Date: 08-March-2017
Workshop on Alighment of I.T & Analytics with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and other digital medium. In light of this, Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a workshop on ALIGNMENT OF IT & ANALYTICS WITH DIGITAL MARKETING on Mar-6, 2017 with a group of 55 students and some faculty members. The speaker, Mr. Rakesh Ranjan, Director, Brannina an integrated market agency.

He started the workshop with the brief description on the importance of digital marketing in respect of career and scope in the same. Further, described the evaluation of marketing such as above-the-line marketing (ATL), below- the-line marketing (BTL) and through the line marketing (TTL), internet marketing, and web analytics marketing etc and how the Digital transformation is taking place across the globe and becoming mainstream in India. The session continued explaining various applications of digital marketing with the help of various live case studies and some snapshot of analytics tool to name a few Bing Webmaster Tools, Analyzer, Bango Mobile Web Analytics; Data Work bench Further, discussed the creation of Web App with online tools, SEO keywords on-page optimization.

The workshop concluded with the depicting feasible tools and followed by questionnaire.

Date: 06-March-2017
One Day Workshop on "High Grade Quality Concrete Production and Tests”

A Workshop for one day on “High-Grade Quality Concrete Production and Tests” was organized by Civil Engineering Department on 4th March 2017 at NMRC Line Construction Yard, Sector 150, Noida.

Students of Second and Third Year, One Lab Assistant Civil Lab, and Three Faculties attended the workshop from 9:30 A.M – 5:00 P.M. 

The aspects of Planning, Management, Mix Design of Concrete with three varieties of Cements, two varieties of Sand and two varieties of aggregates was considered So that in case of failure of any item the production of concrete not to be affected. 

All the test of ingredients of concrete viz, namely sand, cement, water, Aggregates, like Consistency, Fineness, Initial Setting time for cement, Impact Test, Crushing Test, Abrasion, Elongation, Flakiness test for aggregates, and pH Value and Chemical Analysis Value for Water were conducted.

The Automation of concrete production was explained.

Quality Control of Mix Design was explained, control being at the company HQ, Singapore.

Any change at construction Yard is not possible without reference and approval of the HQ. All the tests result in hard copy and in soft copy is maintained for audit and payment purpose. The auditors for the project is RITES.

The tests on Green Concrete Viz. Slump Test for workability was conducted. Our students prepared the cube samples in the molds which were carried by us for our testing in our own lab for seven days and 28 days strength. The samples have been put in the water tank in our lab.

The students conducted the tests by themselves. Safety norms of construction were strictly followed specially in concrete production area.

Production of M- 55 Grade Quality Concrete was a new experience of faculties including myself.

Use of admixture to reduce the water cement ratio to the level of sufficiency for the heat of hydration and maintain the slump of 150 at the laying site, increasing initial setting time up to two hour hours was a new learning for faculties even.

Date: 04-March-2017
Workshop on 3D printing by M.E Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a one day workshop for Mechanical and Automobile Engineering student on 3D Printing. Workshop was held on 4th march 2017. A thorough Demo was given by Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Assistant Professor (ME Department) on 3D Printer. All the students of ME & AE 1st year and 2nd year were present with all faculty members.

The one-day workshop covered all technical aspects of 3D printing, computer-aided design, 3D modeling, slicing and the 3D printing process. Students have also gone through the hands-on practice on 3D printer and made design by their own under the guidance of Mr. Abhishek Kumar. A questionnaire session was also held during the workshop with the expert and students actively participated. All the students had a great experience of workshop by knowing the significance of Rapid Prototyping & Reverse Engineering through 3D printing.

Date: 04-March-2017
FDP “Applications of GC and HPLC in Biotechnology”

Dr. Atul Kumar Gupta is doctorate in Biotechnology from G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pant Nagar. He has more than 10 years of working experience in renowned pharmaceutical industries which includes CTC-India Ltd., Intertek India Pvt. Ltd, SCCI India Pvt.Ltd., Shivek Labs Ltd, Indian Agricultural Research Institute etc. He talked on the application of HPLC in separation of non-volatile compounds mainly smaller molecular weight drugs and cosmetic ingredients. He explained basis of HPLC in various modes, specifically ion exchange chromatography, affinity chromatography, molecular size exclusion chromatography and TLC etc. He highlighted that analysis of chromatograph, maintaining good resolution, analyzing retention time, capacity factor are key aspects of HPLC. He highlighted that GC is used for volatile compounds and optimum maintenance of GC stationary columns is a tricky and costly aspect faced in instrumentation industries. This FDP has opened up thinking avenues in the domain of instrumentation and molecular analytical techniques.

Date: 03-March-2017

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions of student life and it is natural to feel confused or even stressed about it. That is why it is very important for every student to understand what is embodied within the word Aptitude. Every career option requires a particular aptitude combination that should match with the student's potential ability to grow with that career. In light of this, Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a workshop on Aptitude and Reasoning on Feb, 28-2017.The speaker, Mr. Irphan Ali, CEO Engineers Zone.

He started the workshop with the brief description on importance of aptitude and reasoning with respect to several career aspects such as jobs, higher studies and entrepreneurship. Further, described high-level development program which has inborn potential to do certain kinds of work whether developed or undeveloped. Then, he covered several topics in aptitude, to name a few are percentage, discount and simple interest. Further, described various time-saving methods and short cut tricks to solve word problems and attempt more questions in less time.

The workshop is concluded with questionnaire session.

Date: 28-February-2017
Workshop on CAR ENGINE dismantling and assembling

Department of Automobile Engineering successfully conducted the workshop on CAR ENGINE ( Maruti 800) dismantling and assembling as scheduled for 27th of February 2017. The dismantling and assembling of the engine components and parts basically it was done under the guidance of  Mr. Suresh Kumar, National Motors(Greater Noida).  

All the students of Automobile Engineering Department were present during the workshop and also participated in the practical work with all enthusiasm and curiosity. Workshop held for the whole day. Students did all the dismantling and assembling of the engine parts and components by their own under the guidance of experts and Faculty members. 

A detailed study of all the parts and components of the engine had been done by all the students.  A questionnaire session was also held with the experts and the faculty members.  All the students had a great experience of the workshop by knowing the significance and functions of all the parts and components of the engine. Apart from this, students also learned about the engines power transmission system, the drive line, suspension system and clutch system etc.  

Date: 27-February-2017
Faculty Development Program On Research Aspects of Internet of Things

Internet of things is a network of physical objects. It aims to unify everything in our world under a common infrastructure, giving us not only control of things around us, but also keeping us informed of the state of the things. In light of this, Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a Faculty development program on Research Aspects of Internet of Things on Feb 22, 2017. The speaker, Dr. Kiran Kumar Ravulakollu, is an academician and a researcher who completed his Doctoral from University of Sunderland, UK.

He started the FDP with a brief description of IoT He demonstrated some videos through which all the audience could relate the various interactive devices which can be used in context with IoT. The session continued explaining various applications of IoT with the help of various case studies in the areas entertainment, medical, academics, household activities and business. Further, various stakeholders of IoT which include people, process, data and sensors were put in the picture and their significance in building IoT is deliberated. Then, he described how IoT environment is developed by sensing, sharing and synthesizing the information. Further, he discussed shortcomings of IoT and how to overcome the same.

He emphasized the various research areas in IoT, to name a few creation and implementation of hybrid sensors, security, and privacy and authentication issues when more than 50 billion devices will be connected and communicated with each other in future, methods of allocation of unique ids for each and every object.









Date: 22-February-2017
Our students from B-Tech 2nd year mechanical got an opportunity to visit international exhibition on printers, 3D-Printers and packaging machines.The students were accompanied by few of our faculties as well. The machines included T-Shirt printing machines,Cup & plate printing machine, notebook printing,iles & calenders printing machines, University answer sheet printing etc.
The visit not only gave an insight of this huge industry but also gave a fair idea of starting a small scale industry to budding entrepreneurs.
Date: 09-February-2017
FDP on Pollution Management- Key Concept

FDP was on Pollution Management- Key Concept by Civil Branch presented by Mr. PK Gupta, An Alumni of IIT Roorkee of 1970 Batch. Mr. Gupta is trained on the subject in Russia and Germany. He served in MACON from 1971 to 2003. He was associated with ISO 14000-on Environmental Assessor Course organized by Aspects Certification Services Ltd., UK in 1997. He worked for 30 EIA / EMP. He was also associated with an Iranian Company in Iran. The subjects Environment and Pollution are so interrelated that comments, questions and discussions are inclusive and it can be judged by the fact that today`s presentation was of 45 minutes but the comments, questions and discussions continued for about one hour. Total 40 faculties attended the presentation full time. The total about two hours session was full of ideas exchange and sharing knowledge. The faculties are definitely benefited by the FDP.

Date: 17-January-2017
FDP on “From moulds to extracts to antibiotics to protein antibiotics - a fight against invading m

Prof. T.P. Singh, INSA senior scientist & Distinguished Biotechnology Research Professor, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi is a renowned biophysicist and scientist known nationally and across the globe for his work in the fields of Rational Structure-based drug design, Protein Structure biology and X-ray crystallography. He was Dean and HOD of Department of Biophysics at AIIMS from 1983 to 2010. He has published more than 250 international and national research papers of repute in high impact factor journals. Prof. T. P. Singh has delivered an impactful lecture on emerging role of protein antibiotics in combating infectious bacterial infections. He emphasized on the role of PGRP proteins in accentuating innate immunity across mammals. He highlighted the significance of camel and porcine proteins in innate immunity. His talk highlighted that, in recent years, very less number of new chemical entities have been discovered that could act as a potential antibiotic. He said that Protein antibiotic is one way to target bacteria for which complete conformational knowledge of protein and receptor molecule is required so that we can target it accurately. He compared the transition and evolution in the field of medical therapeutics from era of herbal medicines to current era of synthetic protein antibiotics

Date: 14-January-2017
Academic Calendar for Even Semester 2016-17
S.No. Activity Dates
1 Even semester Registration 13&14th January, 2017
2 Commencement of the classes 16th  January onwards
3 Sports Meet 27th - 28th  January, 2017
4 First Sessional Test 15th -17th  February, 2017
5 Techfest 24th -25th  February, 2017
6 Holi Break(for students)

11th -15th  March, 2017 (Holi is on 13th)

7 Second Sessional Test 20th  - 22nd March, 2017
8 Last Teaching Day 25th April, 2017
9 Third Sessional test 26th April, 2017 to 29th  April, 2017


Date: 09-January-2017
FDP on “Entrepreneurship in Engineering Domain”

Dr. Tripti Bhatnagar, Professor, Managing Director, Codon Biotech Pvt Ltd delivered the talk on: "Entrepreneurship in Engineering Domain". Codon Biotech is one of the few companies to be recognized as an In-House R&D company by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Also, it is viewed as one of the topmost companies in NCR in the field of Biotechnology, involved in both research and manufacturing. She has to her credit several research papers in National and International journals. Dr. Tripti herself being an entrepreneur delivered an insightful lecture on different aspects of becoming successful entrepreneurs. She also shared the challenges she faced during her entrepreneurial journey. 

Date: 15-December-2016
FDP “GMO's and food security: blending science and society”

Dr. Bhaswati Banerjee, Professor, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida delivered the talk on "Genetically Modified Organisms and food security: Blending Science and Society". She is Doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology from JNU, Delhi. She has enormous research & teaching experience, working at places of National & International repute. She harbors research Interest in the area of molecular biology, Cancer biology, and apoptosis. Dr. Banerjee holds membership in various scientific societies. She has published various leading research papers in high impact journals. Dr. Banerjee delivered an impactful lecture on genetically modified food and their role in society. She highlighted different strategies to create GMO foods and substantiated various paradigms of GMO crops and Animals like BT cotton, Strawberries with Anti-freeze gene (AFP), Sheep with infused clotting factor (Factor IX).Her talk focused on pros and cons of GMOs on society, a creation of hypoallergenic food, high environmental tolerance, an enhanced yield of biopharmaceuticals, altered ecosystem. Dr.Banerjee's talk led to awareness of food security issues and ethical aspects related to advancement in food Industry

Date: 29-November-2016
Anusmaran 2016 (Alumni Meet)

Anusmaran 2016, The annual alumni meet of CET, was held on 19th November 2016 with the vibrant gathering of alumni from B.Tech and MBA. It was a dynamic event which incorporated live performances of alumni along with the army band. They sang and danced along with the band. Live performances were enjoyed simultaneously along with the lunch. After the lunch, felicitation of young achievers was conducted by HODs of different departments followed by experience sharing by few alumni. During the experience sharing, they have acknowledged the vital role of faculty, enriched labs and IILM in shaping them as successful individuals to attain great career heights. They have visited the campus and seen the various transitions & upgradations. Alumni left their messages on the message board and took their selfie snapshots on the selfie board. Alumni messages reflect their positive feedback about the campus, faculty and entire system. During the recording of Alumni bytes, many of them have spoken very well about the campus and transitions.At the end of the event, Alumni have been invited to join IILM in the upcoming TECHFEST in Feb 2017. They have shown interest in joining us on that platform.

Date: 19-November-2016
Talk on “e Commerce Architecture and Distributed Computing”

Talk on “e Commerce Architecture and Distributed Computing” by Mr. Pranav,Team Lead, Snapdeal 


E-Commerce had opened up gamut of opportunities across the spectrum of skills. During histalk he emphasized about importance of knowledge of various data structures, likely interview questions, working of various e-Commerce sites like snapdeal,amazon, flipkart. The session continued by providing guidelines about different platforms regarding career prospect: Networking, Coding,Testing.The session concluded with questionnaire session.


Date: 21-October-2016
Mechanical and Automobile Engg. Students Visit to Volkswagen, Pune, Maharashtra

Mr. Chaitanya (AGM, HR, VW) were introduced about the company and briefed about how the plant and machinery works. Our Mechanical and Automobile Engg. Students interacted with different HOD's of different level of the car manufacturing and they explained about all the assembliesmachinery and robot working at different stations. At Volkswagen, Pune plant our students learned a lot about where they use new and unique technologies.

Date: 17-October-2016

A one day seminar on “Education and Development in Engineering Industries” (ADMECH-II) was organised on 6th October 2016 at IILM, Knowledge Park-II. In this seminar, dignitaries from various fields enriched students as well as faculties by their valuable suggestions and experiences. Dr. S. Sarkar initiated the seminar by introducing the glorious journey of IILM in the field of academics and nation building. Maj. Gen. B. D. Wadhwa blessed students with his motivational speech for a better future of IILM students and guided them for building a prosperous career. Ex-Director, IGNOU, Dr. S. Maji was the chief guest and Maruti Suzuki, DGM, Mr. Sunil Katyal was keynote speaker at the seminar.

The seminar was organised in two sessions. The first session was chaired by Dr. S. Sarkar. First speaker of the session Mr. A. N. Chaudhary, Ex-GM, Civil, GAIL discussed about the development of green buildings in India and explained the importance of using maximum natural light and optimizing energy efficiency via green buildings. Mr. T. K. Majumdar, Director, CIA-Glocal Ltd., Gurgaon discussed the current scenario of engineering education in Indian in comparison to the world and emphasized on skill development rather than just relying on machinary. Dr. Narendar Kumar, ED, GAIL emphasized on the natural gas infrastructure and scenario in India. He told that India consumes 5% of the total world energy. The maximum energy consumer is Chinawith 23% of the tolal energy consumption.

Second session was chaired by Dr. Rohit Kumar Mishra. The second session consisted of discussions regarding development of India’s solar power sector, importance of quality aspects in engineering and production and professional growth prospective. Dr. Kanak Mukhopadhyay, MD, Agni Solar Ltd. Kolkata expressed his views on solar PV systems in India their applications and opprtunities. AGM, New Holland Tractors Ltd., Greater Noida, Mr. Nitin Verma explained the importance of quality aspects in engineering and production on how the accedents per million departure in airlines reduced from 4.1 to less than one in just 7 years by improving quality in production and other aspects of airlines. Mr. Alok C. Sapre had an interaction with students about professional growth perspective and discusssed about infrastructure industry and its status in India.

The seminar was found to be interesting and fruitful for the students as they understood the importance and need of development of green buildings, solar power industries,quality aspects in engineering and production, professional growth perspective and importance of career mentoring. IILM students at the seminar were also encouraged to focus in the areas of self development, understanding the industries of interest and alternatives as standby and realising roles expected by them. This seminar is sponsored and supported by Auto-sports, GAIL, United Bank of India, Union Bank of India, Lelogix Design Training centre and Techno fast.






Date: 06-October-2016
Register for ALUMNI MEET 2016 on 19th November

It's our privilege to invite you for the ALUMNI MEET 2016 being organized on 19th Nov 2016 at our Institute. We are expecting alumni of all the batches to participate in the Meet. Since many of us have been away from this place for many years, it will be wonderful to see old friends after such a long time and foster new ties as well. Over the years, the College has undergone substantial transformation and you will observe several new developments. We hope you must be eager to learn what all has happened over these years and how the college has grown up. It’s a great opportunity to interact with your batch-mates, relish & refresh your past memories.

Please get registered on the link given for upcoming Alumni meet on 19th November:

We are eager to see you in the Alumni Meet 2016.

Date: 20-September-2016


Keeping in view of growing cybercrimes, IILM has decided to make awareness about various fraudulent activities to its students, faculty and staff. In continuation of the same IILM has invited Mr. Rahul Mishra, Advisor, UP Police Cyber Crime. During his talk he enlightened audience about sources of ATM attacks and its   preventive methods. The talk extended by showing hacking facebook account of audience, mobile phone spoofing and discussion of real life case studies with the methodology used to solve it. The session was concluded with hands on practice of tools and techniques that are being used to provide cyber security and Questionnaire session.

Date: 15-September-2016
FDP on "Environment - A level field of play integrating Scientists & Engineers across discipline

FDP held at #IILM_CET on 6th September 2016. Dr.Krishna Sundari (Associate Professor, Separtment of Bio. Technology, JIITU, Noida), Mentor and faculty of Ms.Pallavi Singh, delivered a highly motivational talk on topic "Environment - A level field of play integrating Scientists & Engineers across disciplines"

Date: 06-September-2016
Noida Gr.Noida Metro Construction Site Visit by Civil Engineering Students


Noida Gr.Noida Metro Construction Site Visit​ for Civil Engineering students of 2nd year and 3rd year on 30 Aug 2016. 

Date: 30-August-2016
Fresher's party 2016

Fresher's party 2016 at #IILM_CET ... WELCOME STUDENTS to the best Engineering campus of NCR

Date: 27-August-2016