Dr. Bhaswati Banerjee, Professor, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida delivered the talk on "Genetically Modified Organisms and food security: Blending Science and Society". She is Doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology from JNU, Delhi. She has enormous research & teaching experience, working at places of National & International repute. She harbors research Interest in the area of molecular biology, Cancer biology, and apoptosis. Dr. Banerjee holds membership in various scientific societies. She has published various leading research papers in high impact journals. Dr. Banerjee delivered an impactful lecture on genetically modified food and their role in society. She highlighted different strategies to create GMO foods and substantiated various paradigms of GMO crops and Animals like BT cotton, Strawberries with Anti-freeze gene (AFP), Sheep with infused clotting factor (Factor IX).Her talk focused on pros and cons of GMOs on society, a creation of hypoallergenic food, high environmental tolerance, an enhanced yield of biopharmaceuticals, altered ecosystem. Dr.Banerjee's talk led to awareness of food security issues and ethical aspects related to advancement in food Industry

Date: 29-November-2016