Department of Biotechnology organized FDP on “Animal models and their application in Biotechnology” on 9th March 2017 by Dr.Imteyaz Qamar, Asst.Professor, Gautam Buddha University.

Dr.Imteyaz Qamar has done post-doctorate from National Institute of Immunology and doctorate from Hormone Research Centre, South Korea. He was faculty and mentor of biotech Faculty, Ms.Neha Tiwari.

Apart from being a great academician, Dr. Imteyaz Qamar has been a renowned researcher in the domain of Reproductive Biology and Hormone research. He has ongoing projects funded by ICMR and DST in area of discovering novel anti-Cancerous molecules and their impact on cell lines .During his talk, Dr. Imteyaz Qamar talked about different kinds of animal models like Zebra fish embryo, Mice, Chimpanzee, Guinea pigs, Drosophila melanogaster etc and he correlated the homology between mammals and these animal models at genetic level.

He signified the application of these animal models in drug discovery and assessment of ADMET parameters of NDE (New drug entities) in clinical phase trials. His talk focused on advantages and limitations of each of these animal models in deciphering problems in metabolic pathways associated with various diseases. Analysis of changes in hematopoietic pathways, Blood profile, Body weight, dermal index after administration of drugs in these animal models is key factor in formulating the LD50 and ED values of any drug molecule.

It was an insightful talk which was attended by total of 17 faculties including faculty members from Department of Biotechnology, Computer Science Engineering and MBA. 42 Students from Biotech department attended the session to solve their queries about utility of animal models in field of Biotech research.

Date: 09-March-2017