Department of Biotechnology has organized a Guest Lecture on "An insight on Biomedical nanotechnology" for it's undergraduate students by Prof.Veena Koul, Head of Centre for Biomedical Engineering at IIT, Delhi on 31st March 2017. It was a very informative and research oriented talk in which she delivered useful insights on Polymeric Nano platforms for Controlled and Targeted Drug Delivery.

She discussed various nano-carriers like lipsomes, polymersomes, electrospun mat, dendrons and polymeric micelles for drug delivery applications and the associated necessary constrains which has to be considered before using them for medical treatment purposes like safely, bio-compatibility, easy elimination by kidney, cost effectiveness, FDA approval, etc. She also explained different parameters on which nano particles can be characterized like morphology, activity, drug loading capacity, etc. She gave a brief introduction on Nanotechnology and transdermal therapeutics, the pathways involved in delivery of drug and exclusive associated advantages of this system which includes facile route of administration, hepatic by-pass, reduced adverse effects, etc. After that she discussed Iontophoretic technology and the Iontophoretic based transdermal drug delivery devices for delivery of small drug molecules.

She also discussed Hydrogel Scaffolds and Bi- layer dressing for wound healing application and application of artificial skin for accident and trauma Care.

In her last session of interaction she discussed the Nano platforms for targeting Cancer and also included the advantages of Nano-therapeutics over conventional chemotherapy. She also briefed about the on-going research and in-vivo studies in her lab to justify the biodegradability and bio-compatibility of polymeric nanosystem with high drug loading for cancer chemotherapy. She briefly talked about gene therapy and on going in-vitro and in-vivo studies on polymeric nano carriers for co-delivery of drug and siRNA for the treatment of cancer.

At last she has solved many queries of students related to nano-particles and their usage in drug delivery. After this enlightening session she herself interacted students and motivated them for research by making them aware about the long-term benefits of research. This Lecture was attended by 120 students of B.Tech Biotechnology and all the faculties of BT department.


Date: 31-March-2017