Artificial intelligence is a science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It’s a way of making a computer, a computer controlled robot or a software which can think intelligently in the same manner as an intelligent human can think.

In light of this, Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a Faculty Development Program on Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision on March 23, 2017. The speaker, Dr. Sandhya Tarar, research associate from Gautam Budh University, Greater Noida shared her valuable talk.

Dr. Tarar has completed her PhD from GBU and has more than 11 years of research experience in Artificial Intelligence. She started the discussion with a brief overview of Digital Image Processing and how DIP is useful in the areas of education, healthcare, sports, defense, forensics, and biometrics.

After discussing DIP, she elaborated the concept of Artificial Intelligence and computer vision. She threw some light on the fact that how intelligent system can be built and worked upon. In addendum, she told about how Robots can be built using AI and computer vision concept and how robots are useful in making life easy. She showed some videos which were very helpful in understanding how robots are heading human beings. She discussed some real world applications like KINECT – an initiative by Microsoft which is a line of motion sensing input device, JARVIS – a bot prepared by Mark Zuckerberg to run his home including lights, temperature, appliances, music and security and LANEHAWK- an application used By Amazon in USA which detects and recognizes items as a part of transaction making sure stores get paid for their bottom-of-the-basket items.

Finally she concluded the session by discussing research issues in AI field followed by questionnaire.

Date: 23-March-2017