Department of Automobile Engineering successfully conducted the workshop on CAR ENGINE ( Maruti 800) dismantling and assembling as scheduled for 27th of February 2017. The dismantling and assembling of the engine components and parts basically it was done under the guidance of  Mr. Suresh Kumar, National Motors(Greater Noida).  

All the students of Automobile Engineering Department were present during the workshop and also participated in the practical work with all enthusiasm and curiosity. Workshop held for the whole day. Students did all the dismantling and assembling of the engine parts and components by their own under the guidance of experts and Faculty members. 

A detailed study of all the parts and components of the engine had been done by all the students.  A questionnaire session was also held with the experts and the faculty members.  All the students had a great experience of the workshop by knowing the significance and functions of all the parts and components of the engine. Apart from this, students also learned about the engines power transmission system, the drive line, suspension system and clutch system etc.  

Date: 27-February-2017