A Workshop for one day on “High-Grade Quality Concrete Production and Tests” was organized by Civil Engineering Department on 4th March 2017 at NMRC Line Construction Yard, Sector 150, Noida.

Students of Second and Third Year, One Lab Assistant Civil Lab, and Three Faculties attended the workshop from 9:30 A.M – 5:00 P.M. 

The aspects of Planning, Management, Mix Design of Concrete with three varieties of Cements, two varieties of Sand and two varieties of aggregates was considered So that in case of failure of any item the production of concrete not to be affected. 

All the test of ingredients of concrete viz, namely sand, cement, water, Aggregates, like Consistency, Fineness, Initial Setting time for cement, Impact Test, Crushing Test, Abrasion, Elongation, Flakiness test for aggregates, and pH Value and Chemical Analysis Value for Water were conducted.

The Automation of concrete production was explained.

Quality Control of Mix Design was explained, control being at the company HQ, Singapore.

Any change at construction Yard is not possible without reference and approval of the HQ. All the tests result in hard copy and in soft copy is maintained for audit and payment purpose. The auditors for the project is RITES.

The tests on Green Concrete Viz. Slump Test for workability was conducted. Our students prepared the cube samples in the molds which were carried by us for our testing in our own lab for seven days and 28 days strength. The samples have been put in the water tank in our lab.

The students conducted the tests by themselves. Safety norms of construction were strictly followed specially in concrete production area.

Production of M- 55 Grade Quality Concrete was a new experience of faculties including myself.

Use of admixture to reduce the water cement ratio to the level of sufficiency for the heat of hydration and maintain the slump of 150 at the laying site, increasing initial setting time up to two hour hours was a new learning for faculties even.

Date: 04-March-2017