FDP was on Pollution Management- Key Concept by Civil Branch presented by Mr. PK Gupta, An Alumni of IIT Roorkee of 1970 Batch. Mr. Gupta is trained on the subject in Russia and Germany. He served in MACON from 1971 to 2003. He was associated with ISO 14000-on Environmental Assessor Course organized by Aspects Certification Services Ltd., UK in 1997. He worked for 30 EIA / EMP. He was also associated with an Iranian Company in Iran. The subjects Environment and Pollution are so interrelated that comments, questions and discussions are inclusive and it can be judged by the fact that today`s presentation was of 45 minutes but the comments, questions and discussions continued for about one hour. Total 40 faculties attended the presentation full time. The total about two hours session was full of ideas exchange and sharing knowledge. The faculties are definitely benefited by the FDP.

Date: 17-January-2017